Archerfield Former Operations-Administration Building
& Control Tower
- 2006

The art-deco Brisbane/Archerfield former Operations-Administration building photographed from airsde on 6 May 2006. The former Control Tower cab on the roof has been removed (it was replaced by a free-standing control tower in 1974). The building is presently owned by Archerfield Airport Corporation and is once again in use as a passenger terminal. The upper floors are tenanted and used as offices.


Above and below: Views of the building from landside - note the DCA 'wings' logo ornament above the entry door.


Click here to see photos inside the building

Click here to see a photo of this building in use as a passenger terminal in 1947

Click here to see photos of this building in the late 1960s

(Photos: Phil Vabre/CAHS collection)

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