Archerfield Aerodrome - 1965 (2)
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Another view of Brisbane's Archerfield aerodrome photographed in February 1965 looking north-north-east. The main building area is enlarged below. Roll your cursor over the images for more information and links.

At that time, the aerodrome had one lightly-gravelled runway - 10/28 (sealed in 1969 - see below) - the threshold of which can be seen above. There were also several marked grass runways - 01/19, 05/23 and 12/30. The thresholds of these runways were marked and the runways themselves were marked out with white gable markers. The intersection of all these runway was also considered an all-over grass field with runs of 3,000 ft in any direction.

Aircraft up to 35,000 lb AUW were permitted to use the aerodrome, but a maximum weight of only 12,500 lb was permitted on Runway 10/28.


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The aerodrome diagram below comes from the Archerfield Landing Chart dated 15 April 1969 in AIP / Instrument Approach and Landing Charts.


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Compare the diagram above with an aerodrome diagram from 1974

(Photo: CAHS/Will Heitbrink collection - Chart: Mac Job collection)

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