ANA Brochure Flying With an Ear to the Ground - c.1948-49

This brochure, published by Australian National Airways (ANA) around 1948-49, describes in terms designed for the lay person how the Air Traffic Control system of the day functioned. Communication with ATC (or the Tower at least) is by VHF radio-telephone and formalised instrument approach procedures have also made a recent appearance. The basic en route separation standards are 1,000 ft vertically or 20NM longitudinally. In fact, we can still recognise most of the system in today's operations, although terminologies have changed somewhat over the years.

The brochure also features ANA's then flagship, the Douglas DC-4 VH-ANA Amana, which was delivered in January 1946 and lost in a tragic accident in June 1950.

Note: This page is presented in wider than normal format to aid reading the brochure.


(Barry Maclean collection)

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