ARFF Firefighter c. early 1990s

This photo shows a typical ARFF Firefighter, thought to possibly be Neil Jones, c. early 1990s in the turnout gear of the time. This consisted of a white fibreglass helmet with visor and neck protection, black Tassie wool coat with high-visibility reflective stripes and leather gloves, worn over 'greys' - Yakka cotton-drill trousers. And boots, of course!

The Officer in the background can be distinguished by his orange helmet.

The Firefighter is using an FB10X foam-making branch on a 50 mm rubber-lined, canvas hose. Water is mixed with foaming agent in the vehicle's pump. The branch entrains and mixes air with the water/agent solution, causing foaming and an expansion of the pumped volume by about eight times.

The branch is being fed by the vehicle in the background, which is a Mk 5 'Trident' Ultra Large Fire Vehicle (ULFV). This vehicle carries 7,000 litres of water and 945 litres of foam.

(Photo: CAHS collection)

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