Albury Tower - 2007

The photo above shows Albury Tower on 8 April 2007, seen from near the passenger terminal looking west. The Tower is of steel frame and cladding construction, and was built in 1982. Operations commenced in 1983. The height of the Tower is 17m to the cabin ceiling.

Added since the opening of the Tower is the satellite ground station in the foreground. This is used to remote communications equipment back to the Melbourne Air Traffic Services Centre, among others.

This Tower is of a general type that was constructed fairly widely in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including Adelaide, Avalon, Maroochydore and Moorabbin.

The photo below shows Albury Tower on the same day but from the general aviation hangar area, looking north. The aircraft is the Royal Aero Club of Victoria's Cessna 152 VH-KKW.


(Photos: Phil Vabre collection)

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