Nhill Aeradio - 1939
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The Aeradio Station at Nhill, on the Adelaide-Melbourne air route in western Victoria, was one of the original twelve standardised Aeradio stations constructed by Amalgamated Wireless Australasia (AWA) in 1938-39 for DCA. The photo above shows the station at the time of commissioning in 1939.

The structures in the foreground are, from left to right:

Behind the buildings can be seen two masts supporting the station's HF radio reciever antenna. The station's HF transmitter and associated antenna were located about a mile away.

The photo above shows the interior of the brand-new Nhill Aeradio office. The equipment is completely standard, except that the usual Bellini-Tosi MF Direction Finder consollette is missing form the operator's desk. Click here to take a tour inside the very similar Cloncurry Aeradio station.

The photos were taken by DCA Radio Inspector Ivan Hodder who was responsible for overseeing the installation of many of the original Aeradio Stations. As of 2009, the former Aeradio Station at Nhill is the only known survivor among these historic buildings - click here to see a photo of it today.


(Photo: CAHS/Ivan Hodder collection)

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