Aero Commander 560E VH-CAW
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VH-CAW became the South Australia/Northern Territory Region's aircraft based in Adelaide. The photo above shows VH-CAW, three and a half years after initial delivery, at Adelaide/West Beach on 15 December 1962 in the new 'standard' scheme for the DCA fleet of white overall with light blue trim and DCA logos on fin and nose.

The photo below was taken two years later at an airshow at Blythe, SA, on 17 October 1964.


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The photo below shows VH-CAU at Adelaide/Parafield on 9 September 1966, still in the same scheme. The marquee in the background is unusual!



It is not known at this moment exactly when the aircraft was disposed of by DCA, however click here for photos of it in 2008.

(Photos: 1-Geoff Goodall collection; 2-John M. Smith collection; 3-CAHS/Ben Dannecker collection)

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