Aero Commander 680E VH-CAX

In 1960 DCA acquired two more-powerful Aero Commander 680Es (VH-CAX & VH-CAY) to supplement the two Aero Commander 560Es (VH-CAU & VH-CAW) purchased in 1959. At the time, these were the latest word in light twins and DCA no doubt wished to set an example of progress as they were about to ground the ex-wartime, wooden-winged civil fleet, which included large numbers of Avro Ansons. DCA's own Anson communications fleet was retired over the period 1958-60.

This aircraft (c/n 851-73) was registered new to DCA on 27 January 1960, however it was not actually accepted by DCA until 3 April. The aircraft's cost was $129,000. It was ferried to Australia across the Pacific, arriving at Sydney/Mascot on 1 March.


The superb photo at top and expanded at left was taken at Melbourne/Moorabbin on 18 February 1972.

The colour scheme was white overall with very dark blue (almost black) trim. The intensity of the trim colour can be seen in the enlargement at left against the royal blue of the DCA Flying Unit logo.

The photo below shows VH-CAX in a typical country aerodrome setting.


Above and below, VH-CAX at uknown dates and locations in the dark blue colour scheme.



Below, VH-CAX gets airborne at an unknown location in the same colour scheme.



The photo below shows VH-CAX on final approach earlier in its career, in the original colour scheme with powder-blue trim instead of the dark blue of the later scheme.




(Photos: 1&2-Ern Mainka; 3,4&5-CAHS/Ben Dannecker collection; 6-CAHS collection; 7-CAHS collection 5139)

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