Aero Commander 680E Instrument Panel
HF radio antenna controlsVHF COM 1VHF NAVmarker beacon lightsradio & audio selectorsVHF COM 2HF radioradio power switchespanel lights dimmerAir Speed IndicatorDirectional GyroArtificial HorizonAltimeterTurn & Slip indicatorrudder position indicatortrim position indicatorrate of climb & descent indicatorclockDME channel selectorDME channel selectorradio compass indicatorDME distance indicatorcylinder head temperaturemanifold pressuretachometercarburettor air temperatureoil pressure & temperature, fuel pressure - port engineoil pressure & temperature, fuel pressure - starboard engineundercarriage selector & indicator lightssupercharger bearing temperaturepropeller pitch controls, suction behindhydraulic pressurethrottlesmixture controlsthrottle frictionprop pitch frictioncarburettor heatADF controlsflap selectorLear autopilotHF antenna tuning meterwindscreen defrostpark brakevoltmeterscabin heatfusesvacuum warning lightsflap positionaltimeterAir Speed IndicatorDirectional GyroArtificial Horizonturn & slip indicatorturn & slip indicatorrate of climb indicatorclockfuel quantity indicatorsmagnetic compass

This photo shows the instrument panel of Aero Commander VH-CAY, one of two higher powered 680E models operated by DCA (the other was VH-CAX).

The aircraft was comprehensively equipped for IFR operation by 1960 standards, being fitted with two VHF com transceivers, a single VOR/ILS nav reciever, a marker beacon receiver, a single radio compass (ADF) and an HF com transceiver with fixed and retractable trailing aerials. The aircraft was also equipped with an autopilot.

A local modification was the addition of an Australian DME transponder - the channel selector is behind the right arm of the captain's control wheel and the distance indicator is the centre dial on the top row of the central instrument cluster.

Roll your cursor over the image above to identify the various instruments and controls.

Click here to see the panel of sister-ship, Aero Commander 560E VH-CAW in 2008

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