Airbus A380 Prototype Visit to Australia - 2005

In November 2005 the prototype Airbus A380-841 F-WWOW (c/n 001) made a demonstration visit to various launch customers, culminating in Brisbane for a party to celebrate the 85th birthday of Qantas.

The aircraft arrived in Brisbane on November 12 and remained overnight whilst Qantas titles were painted on the forward fuselage, and the Qantas logo on the engine cowls. The following day, F-WWOW departed for Qantas' base at Sydney where it again remained overnight.

On November 14, the aircraft flew to Melbourne where it parked at gate D9, one of the gates specially modified for the A380. After remaining overnight in Melbourne, F-WWOW once again departed for Brisbane and the Qantas party on the morning of November 15. The photos above and below, taken from the Control Tower, show the aircraft departing Melbourne on a blustery, grey morning. Incidentally, behind the tail of the Qantas Boeing 767 in the upper photo is the antenna for the Melbourne Doppler VOR.

In preparation for A380 services, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne airports all underwent extensive upgrade works. Click here to see some photos of the works at Melbourne Airport. A special wake turbulence separation standard of 15NM or one additional minute was also applied for the operation of the prototype aircraft in Australia (and elsewhere) during its tour.


Click here to see a photo of the first landing at Melbourne by Qantas' first A380 in September 2008.

(Photos: Phil Vabre)

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