Brisbane Tower - 2006

The best view in Brisbane!
Brisbane Tower photographed in May 2006, looking south-east (above) and east-north-east (below).

Running from right to left in front of the Tower is the main runway, 01/19. To the left of the Tower is the Domestic Terminal, with Virgin Blue occupying the end closest to the Tower, the joint user section in the middle, and Qantas at the far end.

The cross runway, 14/32 is a long way from the Tower and the end of it just appears in the top left corner of the photo below. Out of sight to the right, and also a long way away, is the International Terminal. Beyond that again is the 'Logistics Apron' in what used to be the International Terminal of the Old Airport. A small section of the old main runway 04/22 is preserved as a taxiway and parking area. Click here to see some aerial photos of this airport.

In the Tower itself, the Supervisor's desk is closest to the camera. The mini-console in front of that is the Airways Clearance Delivery position where pilots obtain their airways clearance or confirm a Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC), which is a clearance received by datalink.

The positions on the main console are, from left to right, the Surface Movement Controller (SMC), the Coordinator (Coord) and the Aerodrome Controller (ADC). To his left the SMC has a computer display showing parking bay allocations. These are made by Brisbane Aiport Corporation. The Coord has the main display interfacing with the TAAATS system and the ADC has a small Air Situation Display.

Note the light gun hanging from the roof, ready and waiting to be used in the event of a radio failure.


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(Photos: Phil Vabre)


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