Brisbane Tower - 1998

The current, stylish, Brisbane Tower photographed from the Domestic Terminal in July 1998. The height of the Tower is necessary to give the controllers a view over the whole of the sprawling aiport. The Brisbane Air Traffic Services Centre, which is responsible for controlling traffic across most of the northern half of Australia, the Timor Sea, the Tasman Sea and parts of the South Pacific, is the building at far left behind the trees in the foreground.

This Tower opened for business along with the New Airport in March of 1988, although Qantas had been given special permission to use the new runway for its Boeing 747-238 service to Hong Kong since 30 November 1987. This operation was limited to Qantas and daylight only, and was permitted because takeoffs on the old runway were payload-limited.

Today this not unattractive view is partially obscured by the elevated railway from Brisbane city which cuts across the scene. The trees in the foreground have also been cut down to make way for airport staff carparking.

The aircraft is now-defunct Impulse Airlines' Beech 1900D VH-IMQ.

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(Photo: Phil Vabre)


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