Bundaberg Flight Service Unit - 1973
rotary NOTAM boardteleprinterCR6 HF receiver

Determination 53 of 1948 by the Public Service Arbitrator reclassified and re-designated Aeradio Operators as Communication Officers (known universally as 'Com Officers'). In 1966, Com Officers were re-designated again as Flight Service Officers, and thus Bundaberg became a Flight Service Unit (FSU). By this time, the desk-mounted receivers and Morse code had given way to a purpose-built console, remotely-located equipment, and VHF and HF voice.

These two photos show Bundaberg FSU in March 1973. At far left in the upper photo is the NOTAM and weather board, on which NOTAMs and weather information for a range of surrounding aerodromes was posted for quick reference. The console itself contains switches for the aerodrome lighting, navaid controls and intercoms with other ATS units, as well as the controls for the local VHF and HF radios. Sitting on top of the console is a CR-6 backup HF receiver.

In the background of the photo above is a teleprinter on which aircraft movement messages from other units were received.


altimeter setting (QNH)clockwind speed readoutwind direction readoutoutside air temperatureCR6 HF receiversingle-bay moveable strip holder

The large dial gives the altimeter setting (QNH) whilst the three dials in the middle of the console give wind speed, air temperature and wind direction respectively.

On the desk is a single-bay strip holder in which coloured Flight Progress Strips, raised for each aircraft movement, were placed in time-sequence order with next action due at the bottom.

By this time, Bundaberg was responsible for a defined Flight Information Area (FIA), with an Aerodrome Flight Information Zone (AFIZ) within 30NM of Bundaberg itself. The difference was that non-radio aircraft could operate in the FIA, but only radio-equipped aircraft could operate in the AFIZ unless prior notification by no-radio aircraft had been given to Flight Service.

Much of this information is sourced from Bundy: Over and Out by Ken Cross, held in the CAHS archive.

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