Bundaberg Flight Service Unit - 1979
teleprinterbriefing counterFIS 3 briefer/supervisorflight planning counterflight planning counterphone to listen to ATISNOTAM board

In 1979 the Bundaberg FSU was refurbished. New briefing counters were installed, where pilots could obtain a face-to-face briefing from an FSO. New, modern consoles were also installed.

The photo above shows the briefing area from the FIS 3, or briefer/supervisor, position. Against the wall are two desks on which pilots could review breifing information and compile flight plans. The teleprinter was used to receive aircraft movement messages from other units, as well as weather and NOTAM information.

The photo below is the reverse view, showing the new FIS 2 and 1 (air/ground) positions. The overhead map display is, as yet, blank. Of note is the NOTAM/weather carousel mounted on the briefing desk.


NOTAM boardbriefing countermulti-bay strip holderUTC (GMT) clockmap display (blank)FIS 1 air/ground position

Much of this information is sourced from Bundy: Over and Out by Ken Cross, held in the CAHS archive.

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