Bundaberg Flight Service Unit - 1979

By the 1960s Bundaberg FSU was located in an old hut adjcent to the hangars and movement area. The operations room was situated in the middle section of the part of the building shown above in this view looking north-east. Note the cables running from the building to nearby antenna masts.

This building, actually two huts side by side with a transverse connecting corridor, housed the Aero Club in the northern building, seen below with one of the unbiquitous yellow and white 'Golden Holden' Departmental vehicles parked outside.


rotating aerodrome beacon

This building still stands and, although the FSU is long gone, the Aero Club still occupies its part of the building. Note the top of the rotating aerdrome beacon above the building in the photo above - click here to see a recent view of it.

Much of this information is sourced from Bundy: Over and Out by Ken Cross, held in the CAHS archive.

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(Photos: CAHS collection)

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