Bundaberg Flight Service Unit - 1986
WAC with overlayWAC with overlayFIS 1 air/ground positionFIS 2 air/ground positionmulti-bay strip holdermulti-bay strip holder

These two views, above and below, show Bundaberg FSU on 30 April 1986. The operators are Sylvianne Robins, above, and Col Dines, below. Both are seated at the FIS 1 position. The FIS 1 and FIS 2 functions could be combined when traffic permitted.

Note the overhead map display showing a World Aeronautical Chart (WAC) terrain map with a superimposed overlay showing airspace organisation. Pilots would have liked such an overlay too, as in those days airspace organisation information had to be transferred to the WAC from the Visual En Route Chart (VEC) by hand.


wind and temperature instrumentsmicrofiche readeroverhead map displayFIS 1 air/ground positionFIS 2 air/ground position

The screen at right in the photo above belongs not to a computer, but to a microfiche reader.

Much of this information is sourced from Bundy: Over and Out by Ken Cross, held in the CAHS archive.

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