Beechcraft Super King Air 350 VH-FIX

This Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (c/n FL-90) was purchased second-hand by Airservices Australia in Germany in early 1997 to complement IAI Astra VH-FIS on flight inspection duties. The aircraft was registered in Australia as VH-FIX on 4 April 1997 and work to install flight survey equipment AD-FIS-8 (identical and interchangeable with that in the Astra) took place in Germany in July 1997.

The aircraft was delivered to Australia later in 1997 where it is operated by Pearl Aviation (currently AeroPearl) on contract to Airservices Australia. The aircraft is based at Brisbane International Airport and is normally operated by a crew of two pilots and a single Flight Inspector. The first operational flight inspection by VH-FIX took place on 17 September 1997 when the Oakey, Qld., VOR was inspected.

The photo above shows VH-FIX at Essendon on a routine navaid calibration sortie on 28 April 2011. The photo below shows the aircraft outside the Airservices-owned 'AeroPearl hangar' at Brisbane Airport shortly after the aircraft was re-painted in Airservices colours in 2003.

The photo below shows the instrument panel of VH-FIX. This is basically a standard King Air panel with some minor switching changes for the flight inspection role. Click here to see the survey equipment in the cabin.


(Photos: top-Gordon Reid; middle & bottom-Airservices Australia)

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