C.A. Form 225 - Accident to D.H.82 Tiger Moth VH-AZN 1949


C.A. Form 225 was a number that became well-known to generations of Australian pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Service Officers. It was the Air Safety Incident Report form.

The '225' reproduced above records the accident to DCA Tiger Moth VH-AZN at Essendon on 6 July 1949. The pilot was DCA's Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Lane and the Tiger Moth ended up in the reservoir adjacent to Essendon aerodrome. Dr Lane was not badly hurt and went on to a long and illustrious career with DCA.

As for the aircraft, it was written off before it could be re-registered into DCA's own VH-CA_ block.

(Form - CAHS collection)

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