Canberra Control Tower - 1976-2008
CaribouRAAF VIP BAC 111civil Passenger TerminalSMC position - aerodrome lighting control panelADC position - radar display with hoodFlight Data position - teleprinter for receipt of aircraft movement messages, NOTAMs & met infomoveable sunscreen

In 1976 the DOT opened a new Control Tower at the airport of Australia's capital city, Canberra. The Tower replaced an earlier wartime, RAAF-built Tower and is structurally attached to one of the RAAF base Fairbairn hangars. The photo below shows the Tower as seen from taxiway A on 14 February 2008.

The upper photo shows the interrior of the Tower not long after it opened, in about 1979. Air Traffic Controller Brian Hetherington was on duty for the last shift in the old Tower and the first shift in the new Tower, and remembers the photo being taken to promote the new Tower. Brian is at the SMC position at the left-hand end of the console in the photo above. The other Controllers are Kim Wirth on COORD in the centre, Greg Blackshaw on ADC at the right-hand end, and Terry Kaine on Flight Data at the teleprinter behind the console.

Note the RAAF Caribou and BAC 111 parked on the RAAF Fairbairn apron. The civil Passenger Terminal is just visible above the Caribou's tail on the far side of the airport.

(Photos: upper-CAHS collection; lower-Phil Vabre)

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