Cambridge Former Control Building - 2011
CBG Control Building

The former Control Building at Hobart/Cambridge aerodrome is one of only two of the original-style Control Buildings known to exist as of 2013 (the other is at Nhill, in western Victoria). As such it is a very significant part of Australia's aviation heritage.

Images of the building in its original state are here.

The 'front' (airside, above) and 'rear' (landside, below) aspects of the building have changed somewhat from its original form. The wide verandah that used to surround the front and sides of the building have been built in and the original fibro sheet wall cladding has been replaced by longer-lasting metal sheeting. Nevertheless, the building retains recognisable traces of its origins, notably the brick chimney for the open fire that would have provided heating during its operational life.


CBG Control Building

The interior of the front part of the former Control Building has had its interior walls removed but some of the original inerior features remain, for example the wall panelling and internal door. Originally the area from which the photo below was taken would have been the Aeradio office, with a dividing wall separating this from the Met office at the far end of the building. The section to the right was originally the open verandah at the front of the building.

You can see some interior photos here of the Aeradio office and a similar Control Building at Cloncurry

In May 2011, when these photographs were taken, the building was occupied by the Aero Club of Southern Tasmania.


GBG Control Building


(Photos: Phil Vabre)

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