Hobart/Cambridge Control Tower c. early 1950s

A typical scene inside the Control Tower at Hobart's Cambridge aerodrome in 1955. In front of the Controller, Jim Thompson, is a console which contains the controls for the ATC radios and also switches for the intercommunications system. A very similar console was used in Essendon Tower and now resides in the Airways Museum. On the desk are the aerodrome movement logs, with NOTAMs displayed in a holder and, to the far right, a Dalton navigation computer.

On the desk at far left is a telephone. Winding the handle on the phone energised a magneto which generated the ring tone - the winding pattern indicating which station on the party line was being called.

Under the desk at right is the Lorenz monitor unit, which monitored the alignment of the 33 Mc Radio Range course.

The aircraft is Australian National Airways' Douglas DC4 VH-ANE Arkana taxying to the ANA apron after landing.


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(Photo: CAHS collection)

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