Hobart/Cambridge Runway Selection Diagram - 1955

This Runway Selection Diagram, No R-001CA Issue 2 dated 18 July 1955, was prepared by DCA to show which runways at Hobart's Cambridge Aerodrome could be used depending on the wind strength and direction. In this case, the diagram covers Douglas DC3 and Bristol 170 (Freighter) aircraft for take off at night in dry weather only.

Similar charts were prepared for the other types of large aircraft operating scheduled services and different charts applied for operations by day or night, in wet or dry conditions. In the case of Cambridge, runway selection at night was particularly limited by terrain considerations.

Runway selection diagrams such as these were prepared for all controlled aerodromes in this period and were used by aircrews as well as Air Traffic Controllers. Later, operational runway selection became a matter for aircrews only in compliance with performance limitations for each individual aircraft type. ATC nominates a preferred runway (or runways) for all operations using general criteria which include crosswind and downwind limits, and noise abatement considerations.


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(Diagram: CAHS collection)

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