Cloncurry Aeradio & Qantas Hangar - 1940 & 2001
Qantas hangarpowerhouseAeradio building - click here to see insideHF receiver & B-T MF/DF aerials

This 1940 photograph shows the established Cloncurry Aeradio station with adjacent powerhouse. The antennae out the back are for the HF radio receivers and the Bellini-Tosi MF Direction Finder. The current (c.2011) passenger terminal now stands on the site of the Aeradio station, although the powerhouse remained standing as of 2001. Compare this view with a later view of the building when in use as the airport passenger terminal in 1974.

Adjacent to the Aeradio station is a hangar belonging to Qantas Empire Airways (QEA) - note the windsock at one end of the roof and the rotating light beacon at the other. This hangar, built in the 1920s, still stands today and is one of Australia's oldest aeronautical buildings still in use. In 2007 the Queensland State Government provided funding for the restoration of the hangar which, when completed, is intended to house a tribute to Cloncurry’s long association with Qantas and aviation, including its distinguished war history and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The photo below shows the Qantas hangar at Cloncurry on 15 July 2001 during the Federation Airshows in the Outback. The aircraft on static display is Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) Beech C90 King Air VH-FDP John Flynn (cn LJ-968). This aircraft was allocated the US registration N102EP but was re-registered new in Australia as VH-FDP(4) for the RFDS on 6 November 1985. A few months after this photo was taken, on 19 November 2001, it was replaced by a new Pilatus PC-12 registered VH-FDP(5). Cloncurry was the first flying doctor base and Q.A.N.T.A.S. (predecessor to QEA) operated the first service on contract for the Aerial Medical Service (predecessor to the RFDS) in 1928.


The photo below shows the passenger terminal at Cloncurry, also on 15 July 2001. This building is built on the site of the original Aeradio building. The original powerhouse building stands just out of shot to the left.

The aircraft is Zivko Edge 540 VH-PIP, belonging to the great airshow performer Peter 'Pip' Borrman.

(Photos: Top-Ivan Hodder/CAHS collection / Middle & Bottom-Phil Vabre)

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