Cairns ANA & ANSETT-ANA Passenger Terminal - c.1952-57 & 1962
ANA Cairns

In the 1950s the Australian National Airways passenger terminal at Cairns was located in this converted hangar. The images above and below show views from landside and airside respectively. They are thought to date from about 1957. The photo above also includes the ANA Air Freight van parked outside the Air Freight section of the terminal.


ANA Cairns

The photo below is thought to date from c.1952 and shows more clearly the lounge area provided where passengers could watch the comings and goings of aircraft on the aerodrome. Not much 'security' in those days!



In the early post-war years, ANA was Australia's largest airline. However, by the mid 1950s the new Government-owned airline Trans Australia Airlines had severely affected ANA's financial position. In 1957 the airline was sold to Reg Ansett's organisation, being re-badged as ANSETT-ANA. The 1962 photo below shows the Cairns terminal wearing the new combined airline's name. The airport's rotating beacon seems to have been moved in the meantime to the front of the terminal.

By 1970 new passenger facilties allowed the conversion of this building back into a hangar, used by Ansett Air Freight (ANSETT-ANA became Ansett Airlines of Australia in 1968).




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(Photos: 1,2&3-CAHS collection; 4-CAHS/Wil Heitbrink collection)

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