Special Event - Christine Negroni
Human, Hazard or Hero?
What Malaysia 370 and the Miracle on the Hudson Teach Us About the Role of the Human in Aviation Safety

12 noon, Friday 1 June 2018

Christine Negroni writes about aviation for The New York Times, Air & Space (Smithsonian Institution), Travel + Leisure, the Chicago Tribune and other publications. She is the safety consultant to the American ABC News and worked with the network in Malaysia during its coverage of the disappearance of Malaysia 370. Her book about the accident, The Crash Detectives, is a best seller and has been translated into four languages.

Christine worked for 8 years as an air accident investigator for the law firm Kreindler & Kreindler in New York. She also served on an FAA rule-making advisory committee on aging aircraft systems. During the Obama Administration she was interviewed for a Presidential nomination to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Christine visited Airways Museum in the Spring of 2016 for an article she wrote for Air & Space Magazine about the Southern Cloud, the first airliner to go missing. She has also written about biking the Great Victorian Rail Trail for The New York Times. After an excerpt of her book, The Crash Detectives was published in The Australian, she was invited to speak about it at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum last autumn. She is in Melbourne to speak to the Australian New Zealand Association of Air Safety Investigators.

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