DCA News Index 1968-1970

This page indexes articles that appeared in the house journal DCA News from its inception in 1968 through to 1970. It provides an interesting insight into the activities of the Department at that time. DCA News was later replaced with Transport Australia magazine (which later still became a newspaper).

Names of staff or other personalities have been highlighted in bold. To find an article on a particular subject or person, use your browser's 'search within page' function.

1968 May

· Minister's Message - introducing the Magazine Hon R.W. Swartz (Minister)
· Director General's Message Sir Donald Anderson DGCA
· Presentation of the Sir Shane Paltridge trophy to the Sydney Airport Fire Services Unit
· The Strip Jack built - an emergency evacuation strip built overnight at Wau New Guinea
· Flight Service - Men with a big beat to cover
· A problem of Noise - Effects of the sonic boom caused by supersonic flight - Bill Scott DCA
· New Radio Link - Tropospheric Scatter system
· Doreen: Pretty by name only - Cyclone affects Cocos Is.
· Smithy's 'Old Bus' : A hybrid or not? - History of the Southern Cross Aircraft - H.J. Emmerson

1968 June
· Editorial - The ethos of the DCA News
· A Tribute - Courtyard and Plaque at Perth Airport dedicated to Sir Shane Paltridge
· Civil Aviation Pioneer retires - Captain E.C. Johnston DFC
· On the move with ICAO - our men in Asia: Bob Gillman and Howard Cronin
· In the steps of Amundsen and Scott - RD NSW Arthur Doubleday visits Antarctica Pt1 - A Doubleday
· G.H. Grimme (Senior Technical Officer)awarded BEM for services to the Dept
· The Case of the Instant Airstrip - Overnight building of an Airstrip at Wycheproof
· Jet Store - New supply building at Tullamarine
· Search Chief Promoted - J.D. Gleeson moves to Dept of Shipping and Transport as Executive Officer
· ILS: New Developments - Improved Localiser Antennae reduce reflections and improve course quality
· Tok Tok Bilong Nu Gini - Humorous Column from Papua New guinea

1968 July
· Olga Tarling and the 'Powder Puff Derby' - Tarling and Beryl Young fly in US transcontinental derby
· Lighting for Area Approach Control Centres - depends on coordination with Radar Displays - E.G. Shelton
· VH-UEE: A Link with the past - Historic Desoutter aircraft preserved at Launceston Airport
· At Latitude 90 South - RD NSW Arthur Doubleday visits Antarctica Pt2 - A Doubleday
· Incidents on the way to Accidents in NSW and Papua - two stories of rugged trips by Air Safety Inspectors
· Tok Tok Bilong Nu Gini - Humorous Column from Papua New guinea

1968 August
· Consoles and Fast Cars - Pat Stride ATC Officer at Launceston also races cars
· The Commercial Helicopter in Australia - John Ross DCA
· DCA Personnel Honoured: H.C. Affleck (ISO), C.E Tuttleby (MBE), D.H.D. Beadel (BEM)
· Search and rescue in SA/NT
· What is a HOT Line? - ATC Hotline is a form of station intercom
· Creating space at a main store - No2 Main Store Marrickville Sydney
· Aircraft Fire Fighting - The challenge of the 747
· A word of thanks - Dame Zara Holt thanks Departmental personnel engaged in the search for Harold Holt

1968 September
· Flying is it here to stay? - A brief look at mans early attempts to fly up to the 1900's L.R. Howell
· Miss Civil Aviation 1968 - Ann O'Neill of Aviation House
· Remote Stations - Outback - Caiguna (Western Nullarbor) and Mt. Ginini (Brindabella ranges)
· Recruitment for Air Traffic Control - Description of the selection and training of staff
· "Charlie Alpha Charlie - This is Kerigomna" - DCA Radio engineer's Adventures on a PNG Mountain
· DCA on Historic ground - A graceful old residence on Camden aerodrome to be restored by the Department
· Arthur Ison retires - Supervising Airworthiness Surveyor retires after 37 yrs in Aviation
· Annual Report Award - DCA wins certificate of distinction for it's 1966/67 annual report
· The Hirsute of Happiness - The importance and value of hair through the ages!

1968 October
· Introducing the SST - Concorde - A Dept Examiner of Airmen discusses it's basic design A.R. Grey
· Silver Axe Award - WA Fireman George Innes receives award from WA Director WE Boud
· Forty one Years of Flight - The life of Sir Richard Williams K.B.E C.B. D.S.O
· Is the Pilatus Porter male or female? - Activities of the Dept's Film Unit in PNG
· Darwin 1940, DCA man remembers - Bruce Acland was a 20yr old Aeradio operator when the Japanese bombed
· Lane of Entry Light Beacon - Experimental visual guide to light aircraft using western lane to Moorabbin
· Tok Tok Bilong Nu Gini - Humorous news from PNG Lapun

1968 November
· ILS an Australian research development - Description of the glidepath system developed by Dr. R. Redlich of Sydney University W.G. Willoughby
· Darwin - Bruce Acland's second article describing wartime experiences during the Japanese raids
· "Ladies and Gentlemen, civil aviation regulations require that we demonstrate…" - Dept lifejacket testing
· R/T Discipline week - Pilots and ATC/Flight service officers monitor R/T to promote standards
· Concorde, some Flight Crew considerations - second article by Examiner of Airmen A.R. Grey
· The Cicadas - Departmental personnel form a pop group

1968 December
· DCA Up in the air on birds - Dept's efforts to keep birds away from aircraft - W.L. Burdus
· DCA at Goroka fire - DCA's local fire service unit fights hotel fire in dinner suits
· 23,997, 23,998, 23,999 - ATC/Flight Service flight strips are studied in Melbourne
· Aeroplanes and Balloons - Boeing 747 first flight, DCA's Swearingen flies in, Balloons Up and Down
· A Flight Service Officer on Lord Howe Is. - Description of life and work on this Idyllic Is. - C. Peddell
· Darwin under Attack - Bruce Acland continues his story of wartime Darwin
· Miss America flies again - Popular model aircraft - R.T. Templeton
· The old Local - The famous Menzies Hotel in Melbourne - R.E. Hannan

1969 January
· A New Year Wish Hon R.W Swartz Minister
· Dr. Bradfield takes up ICAO Posting - Pen Portrait of Dr. K.N.E. Bradfield DCA FAS (Ground facilities)
· Salute to a Veteran - Description of the Avro Anson
· Very Dry or Very Wet - Climatological extremes in Australia's North
· A little bit of History - Silver door handle on Airport manager's office dates back to Royal visit of 1954
· Butterflies and Moths - The technicalities of insect flight - Harry D Jackson
· Darwin the final chapter - Bruce Acland concludes his wartime account
· DCA gets together at Surfers - 500+ DCA personnel take part in Sports contest
· Picturesque, and functional too - Hobart's control tower a scenic outlook
· The Oasis - Account of a duel with a snake on the runway at Dubbo

1969 February
· Honour for first ADG - Mr R.D. Phillips FADG (policy) appointed MBE
· Rose Bay, Where the Flying Boats come in - On the South side of Sydney Harbour is the last of the Dept's Flying Boat bases - Michael Wishart
· A helping hand from DCA - Senior Examiner of Airmen Gordon Howe assists pilot in trouble
· The case of the little black spots - suspected pollution from aircraft turns out to be insects
· DCA at Normanton's Centenary - DCA provides an aeronautical float for the celebrations
· Mr Septimus Faulkener, NSW regional employee dies at 54 yrs of age
· Mr Sydenham Barret Thompson, Head Office finance section dies at 62 yrs of age
· Soaring, the ideal sport - Noel Matthews from SA/NT Regional Office writes about this absorbing pastime
· New First A.D.G. (Ground Facilities) - Mr W.W. Pickford formerly from Airport Engineering
· Australian to lead ICAO Commission - Mr L.C. Jacobe has been elected president of the Air Navigation Commission of ICAO
· Air Hawk knows his Regs - Sydney artist and pilot specialises in aeronautical cartoons

1969 March
· New Moves in Flight Service Training - Students undertake ab initio training at the new Melbourne school
· Philip Gordon Graham MBE ATC officer in Papua New Guinea appointed member
· George Munro BEM retired DCA engineer - awarded BEM
· Workers Compensation New Guinea style - Administering the system in a primitive society. - Peter McLennan
· The Model Makers - Complex working models are constructed to aid training on aircraft systems
· They flew and the nation held it's breath - Pioneering trans Bass Straight Air Services - Gerry McKenna
· Fires to Order - Aircraft fire service training, using mock up fuselages.
· Now it can be told - The challenge of operating ATC at the first Mt. Hagen show in PNG in 1961 - Ray Harris

1969 April
· Australia's National Airport Plan - The DGCA discusses the new Melbourne Airport and it's place in the system
· We've got a Spectrograph - Dept's new machine analyses used oil for contamination
· Honorary appointment for Minister - Mr R.W. Schwartz is appointed honorary Colonel of the Army Aviation Corps
· Mr Pickford retires - First Assistant Director general (Ground Facilities) retires after 30yrs with DCA
· TAA Pilots Graduation - TAA Cadet Pilot Training scheme started in 1967 and graduates pilots as First Officers
· Take one helmet - Aeronautical Research Labs test helmets to destruction for DCA's Aviation Medicine Branch
· Or A Secretary - Miss Jan Kegele from head office is Miss Royal Victorian Aero Club and poses on the wing.
· Theory and Practice - Early days as a Communications Officer - A.T. Ware

1969 May
· Editorial - Introducing second year of publication
· What goes up - A DCA engineer talks about Balloons
· Handover-Takeover - Bruce Giddons hands over management of Moorabbin Airport to Charlie Stewart
· Two lonely young men - Minison Peni and Aria Bou are the first Papuans to pass commercial pilot exams
· Say Again - gossip column
· You fly down this valley - turn left at the end - and you're committed - Tapini airport PNG - James Miller
· Air Agreement Signed - Mutual service agreement between Australia and Indonesia
· Extra Curricular Activities - DCA Fire Service operations not involving aircraft
· The easy way home - a passengers experiences aboard MV Fairsea when it suffered an engine fire - Cliff Ranft
· Tok Tok bilong New Guinea - Humorous column Lapun

1969 June
· Kalamunda - Perth ATC takes to the hills - DCA's new radar scans the skies around Perth
· Keeping the customer informed - The Dept's Printing and Publications centre
· Air Safety talks - Capt Hunt (Chief inspector of accidents U.K ) visits Australia to talk to AIB
· Study grants announced - Ian Johnston, Robert Radzner and Barrie Slingo to do postgraduate studies
· Say again - gossip column
· Early days of airport survey - Early pictures of airport survey operations
· Les - where the action was - DCA Examiner Les Morris's experiences as a chopper pilot in Vietnam
· Royal Aeronautical Society President - SADG (Airworthiness) Peter Langford elected president of the Australian division
· What's New - Tip trucks, water chillers and dinghies
· Old Aircraft never die - work of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia

1969 July
· A huge ball of orange flame - I thought they'd had it - Spacecraft Apollo 10 reentry as seen by Examiner of Airmen - Jim Brough
· Find the Aeroplane - The Search and Rescue Role in DCA - M.D. Evans
· Senior Technical Officer - Ronald James Eames of Townsville dies at age 43
· A South Australian First - DCA officer Graham Molloy wins football medal for best and fairest
· Say again - gossip column
· Navaids and Radar reach out - A look at the current state of DCA's navaid and radar network - A.J. Wilson
· DCA speaks - recent symposiums covered engineering and General Aviation
· Story of an old Salt - John Rooks, Flight Service Supervisor Townsville retires after a colourful history including service in the RAN
· DCA underground - Coffs Harbour uses an old bomb shelter to house it's transmitters
· A moment of glory in an Irish Bog - The story of Alcock and Brown and their trans-Atlantic flight - Ian Moffit

1969 August
· The Army takes over - Oakey Airfield becomes an Army Aviation field
· Our man In Paris - Ian Perry reports on the Paris Air Show
· Say again - gossip column
· With the M.M.U.'s Out Back - Story of the Mobile Aerodrome Maintenance Units in harsh conditions
· Film Premiere - 'Flight into Yesterday' DCA Film Unit's documentary about aviation in PNG
· Photographs - 1. Dr. J.C. Lane Director of Aviation Medicine 2. Rare photo of Wave cloud in New Zealand
· Operation Aerial - Replacement of Sydney Radar Antenna
· Heard on the Grapevine - Stories from NSW region Radio Maintenance staff

1969 September
· Guess What? - One of Australia's first Aerobridges
· Derby takes the prize - DCA Fire Service Unit wins coveted Minister's Trophy for efficiency
· Brisbane's new Airways Operations Unit - Photographs
· The First Five - Bob Day, John Glasson, Harry Heyblock, Mick Marshall and Ron Warden are the first to graduate from the Dept's five year training course for Electrical Technicians
· Say again - gossip column
· South Australian Aviator honoured - Re-enactment of Capt Harry Butler's first airmail flight from Adelaide to Minlaton in 1919
· The mast that isn't there - Composite mast construction to avoid interference with navaid signals
· Across the Channel by Hovercraft - Description and photo's of a cross channel trip - Alan Foxcroft
· Early Aviation in Northern Queensland - Article covering early service operators - F.E. Gregory
· And at Night He's a singer with the Band - Welfare officer John Collins sings at CAI's Annual Ball

1969 October
· At Moresby, The South Pacific Games - DCA copes with busy air traffic
· At Rabaul - Temporary vehicle based "Control Tower'" to cover Royal Visit
· And at Mt. Isa - DCA Fire Practice upstages Mt. Isa Rodeo
· South Pacific Aviation Talks - Minister Swartz chairs a meeting of South Pacific Aviation chiefs in Melbourne
· Honour for former First ADG - Mr William Hilary Pickford appointed a Companion of the Imperial Service Order
· Say again - gossip column
· A home of Angels and Eagles - The Story of Norfolk Is. - Bob Hannan
· Charlie's lost a couple More Lives - Adventures of the Narrabri Airport Cat
· Nose first Into a Chicken Coop - The hair raising story of the first man to cross the United States by Air
· DCA looks at…"The Featherstone-Kite Basketweave Gentlemen's Flying Machine Mk 2" - A creation of cartoonist Rowland Emett

1969 November-December
· Co-Ordination is the Key - Organising an Air Search . Story of an actual missing aircraft incident
· DCA on Microfilm - Microfilm helps to reduce the massive documentation of present day aviation
· Silver Axe - Fireman Colin Kraft of Adelaide Airport holds the Silver Axe for 1968/69
· ATC Mayor - DCA ATC officer Neale Clarke is also Mayor of Essendon
· Say again - gossip column
· Frank Collopy AFM "Where do you Start"- Story of this famous Aviator and DCA officer - Jim Eames
· Transport Conference - First conference of Regional transport Officers held in Melbourne
· Territory Pilots graduate - Aria Bou and Minson Peni graduate as first indigenous pilots in PNG
· Along the Vimy's track - 90 aircraft race along the track blazed 50yrs ago by Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith
· Tok Tok Bilong Nu Gini - Humorous Column from Papua New guinea Lapun

1970 January
· The New Minister - Bio on Senator Robert Cotton
· DCA Surveys the '747' - DCA team visit the Boeing Co's Everett Plant
· DCA Queen - Heather Bice of Ops Branch is "Queen of the Ball" at SA/NT Aviation Institute Annual Ball
· Churchill Scholar - Papuan Richard Moaitz wins a scholarship to study telecommunications in Australia
· Say again - gossip column
· 'And then there was One' - The story of the Tri Motor Stinsons in Australia - Mac Job
· People in the News - Charles Joseph McCafferty retires after 22 yrs. Peter Mooney receives award for outstanding student Pilot
· A Regional Director retires - Mr Frank Collopy SA/NT Region retires

1970 February
· Minister visits Adelaide - Minister Cotton presents Fire service trophy and opens Terminal extensions
· From the New Years Honours List - Five DCA people honoured by the Queen: Frank Collopy, Robert Walter Ridley, Beryl Fox, John Rooks and Arthur James Taylor.
· Madang celebrates - Christmas Party
· DCA Man leads ICAO Noise Talks - J.H. Harper AFC FADG (Ops) appointed Chairman of first world conference
· Say again - gossip column
· DCA and the Air Race - A look behind the scenes at the Dept's role in the 1969 BP England-Australia Air Race
· Airmail Postage - Former DCA man R.J. Hiscock arranges historical stamp exhibition at ICAO HQ
· First Multi-level Airport Car Park - Minister Cotton opens new car park at Sydney Airport
· Jack Mowbray retires - Superintendent of Airports Qld Region retires after 47 yrs of Commonwealth service
· Aerobridge test - First Aerobridge at an Australian Airport tested at Melbourne Airport using a B727
· Award for Cameraman - Frank Burgess of the DCA Film Unit now ACS (member of Aus Professional Society)
· Tok Tok Bilong Nu Gini - Humorous Column from Papua New guinea Lapun

1970 March
· Australian Antenna for U.S. tests - Redlich ILS Glidepath Antenna flown to the U.S. for evaluation at several locations
· Custodian of the Southern Cross - Mr Jack Bashford Airport Manager at Brisbane looks after Australia's most famous Aircraft - Sir Charles Kingsford Smith's - "Old Bus"
· Monsieur Turcat drops in - Andre Turcat Chief Concorde Test Pilot visits Australia to explain test programme
· Miss Tennis 1970 - Margaret Heaney Head Office Librarian wins Miss Prestige Australian Tennis Title
· Say again - gossip column
· The Aeroplane makes a Town - How aircraft enabled the development of the New Guinea Goldfields - J.A. Collopy
· Fire Drill - Fire Drill exercise at Head Office
· DCA Carnival - Hobart 1971 - planned sports carnival
· Ron Ross I.S.M. - Industrial Officer in Qld Region retires after 35 yrs of Public Service
· The Flying Inventory Controller - Vic/Tas 3 Main Store Officer Geoff Wilcox wins Bendigo $2000 foot race

1970 April
· Around the Bend at Birregurra - Story of the 1970 Mobil-Moomba Air race - Michael Wishart
· His Life has been up in the Air - Jack Buckham Parafield Airport Manager retires after 23 yrs DCA service
· The First Director General - Mr Arthur Brownlow Corbett
· Say again - gossip column
· Our Men on the Gold Coast - Coolangatta Airport
· The 23rd A.E.W.C.C. - Airways Engineering Works Co-Ordination Committee meets in Melbourne
· The Friday Morning Frogmen - The inshore rescue service at Hobart Airport
· Marc Savage Bows Out - Flight Service supervisor and original Aeradio officer retires
· The Flight that never was - Newspaper hoax in 1844 proclaiming the crossing of the Atlantic by Balloon

1970 May
· Badenach House .. from Rolls Royce to Radar - Car sales Building becomes Vic/Tas Regional Training School
· Engineer for ICAO - J.J. Walters takes up appointment as Airport lighting Instructor in United Arab Republic
· AVIAT 70 - Air Shows and Pageants planned for several locations
· DCA Draughtsman to top post - Charles Bloch elected Federal President of the Institute of Draughtsmen
· The D.G's Trophy - Miss Julia Clifton-Brown wins women's piloting award
· Say again - gossip column
· I remember - An Airport Inspector remembers his service in the North West - Harry Milham
· Getting to Know you - Minister Cotton visits DCA outposts
· The Search at Vanimo - The difficulties of searching for a missing aircraft in New Guinea - A.F. Frodsham
· "Dooley" goes back to sea - Leonard "Dooley" Deleuil retires after a long and distinguished career

Index compiled by Brian Surtees, CAHS

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