The Department's Fleet of Tiger Moths

In addition to its post-War fleets of Lodestars and DC-3s, used for serious transport and airways survey work, DCA also needed a number of light aircraft for communications and proficiency flying. The De Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth, of which many were available for disposal from RAAF stocks, was a ready solution.

A total of six Tiger Moths were acquired for £400 each in the late 1940s from storage at RAAF Temora and RAAF Benalla. All the DCA Tiger Moths, apart from VH-AZM/CAH, were converted with canopies and raked-forward undercarriages which permitted the use of a tailwheel (instead of a skid).

DCA's Tigers were initially registered in the block VH-AZI to N. They were allocated to the Regions for local use. In 1949 they were all re-registered in DCA's VH-CA_ block, with the exception of VH-AZN which was slated to become VH-CAI but crashed before the registration could be changed. It is not known exactly why this change of registration policy occurred, however it seems likely that it was linked to the similar re-registration of DCA's DC-3s which is explained here.

Tigers 'D, 'E and 'F were all sold in 1953 and replaced by Avro Anson twins. Tigers 'G and 'H soldiered on into the early 1960s before being sold.

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