The 'DCA Technical Information Bulletins' Series

The table below lists all currently-known items in the 'DCA Technical Information Bulletins' series. This series of publications originated in the early post-war years and was intended as a technical reference information resource for both industry and the Department itself. There were also many more publications issued by the Department over the years that did not fall into this series.

An examination of the known editions indicates that there must have been many currently unknown titles and editions. Most of the publications have been long discontinued however a few have been re-issued to this day.

# Title Known Editions
2 Magnetic Particle Inspection undated
Issue 2 - undated
4 Aluminium Alloys for Aircraft Use undated
5 Current Douglas DC-6 Series Aircraft as Operated by A.N.A. undated
6 The Hardness Test undated
7 Development of Auster Aircraft undated
8 Timbers and Adhesives Oct 1956
9 Helicopter Aerodynamics undated
10(a) Principles and Use of X-Rays in Engineering undated
Issue 2 - undated
10(b) Radiography X-Ray Issue 2
11 Improving the Fatigue Life of Bolted Joints undated
12 Notes on the M.S.A. CO Detector Aug 1958
13 Water Contamination - Aviation Fuel undated
15 A Note on Fail-Safe Design and its Application to Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8 and Lockheed Electra Aircraft undated
16 Lockheed Electra (Model 188) Air Conditioning, Pressurisation, Wing and Empennage Anti-Icing and Starting Systems May 1960
17 High Speed Flight 1960
18 Ultrasonic Inspection Techniques undated
20 Dye Penetrant Inspection undated
Issue 2 - Jan 197?


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