Department Of Transport Logo

On 30 November 1973 the Department of Civil Aviation was amalgamated with the Department of Shipping and Transport to form the Department of Transport, Air Transport Group. The combined Department adopted this logo, which was unkindly known in some quarters as the 'Irish compass'.

The logo appears above on a metal cap badge, and below on a sticker panel for the DoT Flying Unit. The logo was also applied to the Department's aircraft.

In fact, photographs show that the old DCA Flying Unit logo was stripped off the aircraft almost immediately after the Departmental amalgamation, although it took some time before the new logo was available to replace it. The dark yellow and blue also became the 'house colours' and the Department's aircraft were gradually repainted using those colours in the trim lines.

This logo remained in use until May 1982, when the DoT was split up, with part to become the Department of Aviation.

(Cap badge and sticker panel: CAHS collection)

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