Essendon Air Traffic Control Complex - Early 1950s
Aeradio/Met/Briefing hutHF receiver mastOld Aero Club building, now International Terminal1st Control Tower2nd Control Towerrotating aerodrome (light) beacon

view from airside (i.e. looking west) of the Air Traffic Control complex at Melbourne/Essendon Airport in the early 1950s. From left to right in the foreground are: the hut housing Aeradio/MET/Briefing and the ATC Centre (click here to see a view inside); an HF radio receiver mast; the old brick Aero Club building, at this time in use as the International Terminal and with the first Essendon Control Tower protruding from the roof; and the second Essendon Tower, constructed in 1946. Click here to see views of these Towers. Just out of shot to the right is the 'DCA Hangar', at this time in use as the Airport Fire Station.

The Bulla Road (now Wirraway Rd) runs from behind the Terminal off to the right, and English St runs diagonally away to the top right. On the corner is Ford's shop and service station.

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