Essendon Control Tower - 2002-2008

These photos show Essendon Tower in the green and rust-red colour scheme it wore from the 1990s to 2010.

In the shot above, taken on 13 February 2002, the Tower stands isolated at the end of Wirraway Rd as it had done since the 1960s when the adjacent 'Government Hangar' was dismantled and moved and the apron immediately to the south was sealed as part of the new passenger terminal area.


However, in 2007 as part of extensive airport renovations an extension of English St, previously the only access road in to the airport, was constructed to link with Wirraway Rd via the Tower. Wirraway Rd itself (the former Bulla Rd) was extended to the north where a new entry to the airport was constructed from Airport West and the Tullamarine Freeway.

The photo at left shows the Tower and the English St extension on 11 March 2008, shortly after the road link was opened. Note the extensive gardening works which have accompanied the airport renovations.

Finally, the anaglyph (3D image) below shows the Tower on 25 June 2006, looking from the staff carpark slightly west of south.

3D image: requires red/blue glasses!

In 2010 the Tower was re-painted in heritage colours - click here for photos

(Photos: Top & middle-Phil Vabre / Bottom-Maurice Austin)

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