Essendon Control Towers - c.1956
Government Hangar & Fire Station - click to see more2nd Tower - click to see inside

This rare colour photograph shows a scene of Melbourne's Essendon Airport c.1956. The aircraft attracting everyone's attention is the first Beechcraft Model 35 Bonanza to be imported - VH-CWR.

This aircraft was imported in 1956 by Aviation Sales Pty. Ltd., the Australian Beech distributors, for a private owner in Queensland. This photo is thought to show the aircraft in Melbourne on a demonstration flight. Another photo of this aircraft can be seen here.

In the background, and enlarged in the view below, can be seen the first two Control Towers at Essendon. These can be seen in more detail here. The building at the foot of the Tower is the old Aero Club building, at this time in use as the International Terminal. At right of the Tower is the Government Hangar which at this time served as the airport Fire Station - note the ambulance and fire vehicle parked outside.


Government Hangar & Fire Station - click to see moreLight Rescue Tender - click to see more2nd Tower - click to see inside1st TowerFormer Aero Club building, now International Terminal

Not visible in this photograph is the third, and present, Essendon Control Tower which was built for the Olympic Games in 1956 and is just out of shot to the right behind the parked cars.

(Photo: Alan Fraser via Maurice Austin)

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