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In 2006 the Civil Aviation Historical Society acquired the aviation library of the second Controller of Civil Aviation, Edgar Johnston.

A former Great War pilot himself, Edgar Johnston knew, and assisted, most of Australia's aviation pioneers. Among his library therefore are a number of signed presentation copies of the autobiographies of famous flyers such as Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (left - click on the image for a larger version). These are indicated by an asterisk in the index below.

The Edgar Johnston Library Collection is available to researchers by appointment.

LocTitle Author DatePublisher
A1 Official History of Australia in the War 1916-1918 Vol. VIII (AFC)F M Cutlack-A&R
A2 Flying Doctor CallingErnestine Hill *1947A&R
A3The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (1st Edition)Bilton/Bront 1961Halstead Press
A4 Wingspread - Aviation in New Zealand (1st Edition)Leo White 1941 Unity Press
A5 Airborne at KittyhawkMichael Harrison 1953Cassell
A6 The Old Bus C E Kingsford Smith *1932 Herald Melb
A7Australia's Two Airline PolicyStanley Brogden1968Melb Uni Press
A8Challenge in the Skies - The Founding of TAA (1st Edition) Ian Sabey1979 Hyland House
A9Plane Tales from the Skies"Wing Adjutant"1918Cassell
A10 Southern CloudI.R. Carter 1963Lansdowne
A11 Sky Roads of the World (1st Edition) Amy Johnson1939Chambers
A12 Britain in the AirNigel Tangye1944Collins
A13 The Civil Air WarC.G. Grey 1945 Harborough
A14Half Way to HeavenFred Hoinville 1960A&R
A15A Million Miles in the AirGordon P. Olley1934H&S
A16Born to FlyNancy Bird1961A&R
A17Around the World in 8 Days Wiley Post & Harold Gatty-John Hamilton
A18 Letters from a Flying Officer 1928R.S. Wortley 1928Oxford U.P.
A19Ride on the Wind - Sydney to Japan (1st Edition)Francis Chichester1936Hamish Hamilton
A20Solo to SydneyFrancis Chichester 1930Hamish Hamilton
A21Caesar of the Skies - Biography of Kingsford SmithSimpson/Beau Sheil1937Cassell
A22Virtue in Flying - A Biography of Keith VirtueJoan Priest1975 A&R
A23My Flight to the Cape and BackAlan J. Cobham1926A&C Black
A24 Australia and BackSir Alan Cobham *1926A&C Black
A25First to FlyStanley Brogden-Whitcomb
A26 AviationClaude Graham White1912 Collins
B1 The Book of Famous FlyersJ.A. Mollison1934Collins
B2 The Air Annual of the British Empire C.G. Burge1937 Pitman
B3The Epic of MaltaL. Ritchie *Odhams
B4The Complete Book of AviationC.G. Burge1935Pitman
B5The 1st Aeroplane Voyage from England to AustraliaSir Ross Smith-A&R
B6Qantas Rising Hudson Fysh *1965A&R
B7Wings to the WorldSir Hudson Fysh *1970A&R
B8Qantas at WarSir Hudson Fysh *1968A&R
B9 Front Line Airline, War Story of Qantas Empire AirwaysE. Bennet Bremner *1944A&R
B10Taming the NorthHudson Fysh1933 A&R
B11Atlantic Bridge - Official Account of R.A.F. Transport Command Ocean Ferry -1945HMSO
B12Wings over the North - 1st Ten Years Newcastle Aero Club*1938N Aero Club
B13My Life (1st Edition)Jean Batten1938Harrap
B14Solo Flight (1st Edition)Jean Batten *1934 Jackson O'Sullivan
B15Blue Wings to BangkokPrince Bira Foulis--
B16Saving the Channel Ports 1918W.D. Joynt V.C. *1975Wren
B17 Waves Wheels WingsWalter WindhamHutchinson
B18Box Kites and BeyondE.G. Roberts *1976Hawthorn
B19Flying Matilda - Flights of Sir Charles Kingsford SmithNorman Ellison1957A&R
B20Flying StartC. Arthur Butler1971Edwards & Shaw
B21 SmithyJohn Stanage1950Oxford U.P.
B22 The Seven Skies - A Study of BOAC & it's Forerunners John Pudney1959 Putnam
B23Australian AviatorSir Norman Brearley & T. Mayman 1971Rigby
B24Sky Saga, A story of Empire AirmenT.W. White1943 Hutchinson
B25 Guests of the UnspeakableSir Thomas White1932A&R
B26 Down Africa's SkywaysBenjamin Bennett1932 Hutchinson
C1We Flew to ChristchurchHenrik Scholte (KLM)1954KLM
C2 The Royal Air Force - Cape Flight 1926-1926Napier
C3Airlines - Australian Airlines-1945 Left Book Club
C4War Birds - Diary of an Unknown Aviator -1926Cornstalk Sydney
C5Sky Pilot in Arnhem LandK. Langford Smith1935A&R
C6The Wandering YearsArthur H Affleck1964Longmans
C7 The Wandering YearsArthur H Affleck1964 Longmans
C8 Sky Pilot's Last FlightK. Langford Smith1936A&R
C9Pictorial History of B.O.A.C. & Imperial AirwaysKenneth Munson * 1970Ian Allen
C10Flight and AdventuresParer & McIntosh1921Stevens Melb
C11 Forgotten Island P.G. Taylor1948Shakespeare Head
C12Frigate BirdP.G. Taylor *1953A&R
C13Pacific FlightP.G. Taylor *1935A&R
C14Call to the WindsP.G. Taylor1939 A&R
C15VH-UXXP.G. Taylor1937 A&R
C16Deeds the Held the Empire by AirL.E.O. Charlton1940 Murray
C17The Sound of Wings (Biography of Amelia Earhart)Mary Lovell1990Arrow
C18 Australian Air AceCharles Schaedel *1979 Rigby
C19Early BirdsH.C. Miller 1968Rigby
C20 Green Mountains of CullenbongBernard O'Reilly1952Smith Paterson
C21Scott's Book (1st Edition)C.W.A. Scott1934H&S
C22Daredevil of the SkiesNorman Ellison 1941A&R
C23With Zeal & IntegritySir Arthur Coles *1982
E1Law and Politics of the Australian Two Airline SystemHarold Poulton1981Poulton
E2High Corridors, Qantas 1954-1970John Gunn *1988 U of Q Press
E3Wood Wire and Fabric (1st Edition)John Goode1968Lansdowne
E4The Defeat of Distance, Qantas 1919-1939John Gunn *1985U of Q Press
E5Challenging Horizons, Qantas 1939-1954John Gunn *1987U of Q Press
E6 The Golden Years - R.A.F.C. 1921-1971-1971AGPS
E7 Wings of Tomorrow - Holyman Memories (1st Edition) C. Turnbull -Johnston
E8Frederick William Haig - An Autobiography*1996 Fredericks
E9 This was Air TravelHenry Palmer 1960 Bonanza
E10All About Aircraft in Australia Pedr Davis1974Hamlyn
E11 History of the Dept of AviationP.T. McCulloch--
E12 R.A.A.F. Saga - The R.A.A.F. at War 1944--AWM
E13Ansett - The Story of an AirlineSamuel Brimson1987Dreamweaver
E14Flying the Royal Mail - The History of Australia's AirlinesS. Brimson1984Dreamweaver
E15Military Aircraft of Australia 1909-1918Keith Isaacs1971AWM
E16 The Royal Australian Air ForceGeorge Odgers1965Ure Smith
E17Atlas Sky Merchant (Original Photo of Plane Enclosed)---

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