Fokker F.28 Fellowship VH-ATD - 1992

These shots show Civil Aviation Authority Fokker 28 VH-ATD at the first Avalon Airshow Downunder in October 1992. By this time reviews of the function of the CAA had led to a push for the Flying Unit to seek more commercial work. Thus for a fairly short time the Flying Unit became styled as Flight Inspection Australia and the F.28s were re-painted in this scheme. Apparently the Chief Pilot of the time got in trouble with the powers-that-be for authorising the repaint!

Note the Civil Air Ensign behind the cockpit windows. Note also the blade antenna near the nosewheel doors and the other antennae above and below the fuselage - part of the aircraft's comprehensive avionics fit for the flight survey role.

This basic colour scheme was retained when the CAA was split up to form CASA and Airservices Australia, with the Flying Unit transferring to the latter. Click here to see a photo of VH-ATD in Airservices Australia's colours.


This aircraft was sold in Canada as surplus to requirements in 1998, being registered to TimeAir as C-FTAR on 2 April. The aircraft changed hands to AirNorTerra/Canadian North in May 2001 but was stored engineless at Saskatoon as of March 2005.

(Photos: Top-George Canciani; Bottom-Barry Maclean)

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