Fokker F.28 Fellowship PH-EXN (VH-ATE) - 1976

These 1976 Fokker photos show the future VH-ATE on a test flight wearing the Dutch 'trade plate' registration PH-EXN. Apart from the registration, the aircraft is fully painted in the Department of Transport livery, even down to the letters of its future registration, 'TE', above the windscreen.

Because of the comprehensive navaid fit in these aircraft, considerable pre-construction testing and pre-delivery test-flying was necessary to prove that associated antennae, well shown in the photos, were suitably placed to receive signals without interference.


The photo below shows PH-EXN having some adjustments made during the flight testing phase at Woendsdrecht, The Netherlands, on 5 September 1976.



(Photos: Top & middle-CAHS Collection/Fokker-VFW; top ref 76.0.629 / bottom-Dietrich Eggert)

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