Film Night at the Airways Museum

Historical aviation films from the Civil Aviation Historical Society's archive will be shown in our first Film Night for 2006 at the Airways Museum.

What day?Friday 12th May, 2006
What time? Museum open from 6.30pm, films start 7.30pm
What films?

1. Flight to Frankfurt (1954) Colour, 17 min.

This film portrays a flight in a Viscount from London to Frankfurt to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Decca Navigator, an early form of civil area navigation aid featuring a moving map display. Decca was also used in north-western Australia.

2. Inertial Navigation System
(1971) Colour, 13 min.

The use of the then new Inertial Navigation System of the early Boeing 747-100 is explained and demonstrated, making an interesting contrast with today's Flight Management Systems.

3. A Mystery Film
(1957) Black & White, 13 min.

This film features footage of many types of old aeroplanes.


How much?

CAHS Members - free

Non-members - entry by gold coin donation

Free tea and coffee provided


RSVP by email to Roger Meyer or phone (03) 9818 4950

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