Film Night at the Airways Museum

Historical aviation films from the Civil Aviation Historical Society's archive will be shown in our first Film Night for 2009 at the Airways Museum.

What day? Friday 8th May, 2009
What time? Museum open from 6.30pm, films start 7.30pm
What films?

Crash Research
(mid-1950s) Colour, 37 min.

A NACA film featuring numerous Fairchild C82s (mainly) being taxied at speed into various obstacles. Very dramatic.

Blanket for Survival
(1950s) Colour, 22 min.

Aircraft fire fighting principles using a Boeing Stratocruiser as the object.

Crosswind Landing
(1950s) B&W, 11 min.

Features the Goodyear invention of castoring undercarriage tried out in 1951. Starts with DCA DC-3 VH-CAR at Essendon. The remainder of the film is a Goodyear promo showing various types of the undercarriage demoed.

Plus a bonus film!


How much?

CAHS Members - free

Non-members - entry by gold coin donation

Free tea and coffee provided


Bookings essential: RSVP by email to Phil Vabre or phone (03) 9432 9287

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