Film Night at the Airways Museum

Historical aviation films from the Civil Aviation Historical Society's archive will be shown in our final Film Night for 2006 at the Airways Museum.

What day? Friday 8th September, 2006
What time? Museum open from 6.30pm, films start 7.30pm
What films?

1. Fying the Fokker F.27 Friendship (1958) Colour, 14 min.

This promotional film shows Fokker's Chief Test Pilot demonstrating the prototype F.27 Friendship, including spectacular air-to-air and ground-to-air footage.

2. Certification Flight Testing of the Boeing 727
(1965) Colour, 15 min.

This Boeing film shows airborne and ground footage of various aspects of the flight testing for certificaiton of the Boeing 727, including a promotional tour of the world by the prototype.

3. Realite Concorde
(1967) Colour, 16 min.

The design and construction of the first two Concorde prototypes, plus a bonus short film of the first Australians to fly on Concorde.


How much?

CAHS Members - free

Non-members - entry by gold coin donation

Free tea and coffee provided


Bookings essential: RSVP by email to Phil Vabre or phone (03) 9432 9287

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