DCA Flying Unit Crews

Flying Unit pilots

This group of DCA Flying Unit crew above was photographed at the Flying Unit's Melbourne/Essendon base in 1967. They were about to set off on a long flight survey trip to Indonesia in one of the Department's three Fokker F.27 Friendships. From left to right we see: pilots Franz Noordhorn and Eric Read, LAME ? Scott, Flight Surveyors Alan Klaebe, Pat O'Brien and Alan McClurkin, pilot Val Trevethan, Surveyor Jay Evans, David Ziesing (Head Office Engineer) and a Qantas Navigator.

The photograph below, also probably taken in the 1960s, shows the Superintendent of the DCA Flying Unit, Captain Frank Shanahan, on the left with Captain Roger Giles, an Airways Surveyor and section head from Head Office Operations Branch, on the right. Once again, the aircraft is an F.27.


DCA pilots  

(Photos: CAHS collection)

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