General Aircraft Monospar ST.11 VH-UAZ

British manufacturer General Aircraft Ltd produced a range of low wing cabin passenger aircraft during the late 1920s and early 1930s. These were of all metal structure with fabric covering. As the name implies, they featured a novel single-spar wing and were of very high performance for their day. Always seeking to provide a lead to local commercial operators, in 1934 the Civil Aviation Branch purchased the first ST.11 model built (c/n 33), which was basically a Monospar ST.10 but with retractable undercarriage (the earlier ST.6 having been only the second British aircraft to fly with retractable undercarriage). The ST.11 was a 4 seater, powered by two 90 hp Pobjoy Niagara I engines and only one other of this model was built.

The aircraft was factory painted as VH-UAZ in an all-silver scheme (below) and had its first flight at Croydon aerodrome 17 August 1934 in the hands of Flt Lt H M Schofield, the company's test pilot. On 4 September 1934 the aircraft made its last flight at Croydon and was crated for shipping to Australia.


VH-UAZ was received at Essendon by the CAB on 20 October 1934 and assembled. On 24 October it was test flown at Essendon by Departmental pilot David Ross. On 29 October 1934 it was formally added to the Australian register.

(Photos: Top - Geoff Goodall collection; Bottom - Aircraft/CAHS collection)

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