Hobart and Launceston T73A Doppler VORs - 2011

These photos show the Hobart/Llanherne (above) and Launceston/Western Junction (below) T73A Doppler VORs (DVOR) on 25 & 26 May 2011 respectively. The single white antenna toward the left-hand end of the DVOR in the shot of the Lanuceston unit is the antenna for a co-located DME.

The Hobart DVOR is located immediately south of Hobart's Runway 30 threshold, on the centreline and on the shoreline of Frederick Henry Bay. In the photo above Tasair Cessna 172 VH-MKQ can be seen on final approach over the VOR.

The Launceston installation is situated about half way along the main Runway 14R/32L, on the eastern side. In the photo below the grass Runway 18/36 can be seen behind the VOR. Parallel grass Runway 14L/32R is also behind the VOR, but difficult to make out in this photo.

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(Photos: Phil Vabre)

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