Hawker Siddeley HS.125 VH-CAO
Sir Donald Anderson

The wonderful photo above shows DCA HS.125 Srs. 3B VH-CAO on the apron at Canberra's RAAF Fairbairn in about 1969. In the background are one of the two RAAF Viscount VIP aircraft and a USAF Convair C-131 Samaritan.



The photos above and below show VH-CAO at around the same time, the lower image being at the Flying Unit's base at Melbourne/Essendon.



Below is VH-CAO six after the top image at its Essendon home base. Since the previous photos a weather radar has been fitted in accordance with DCA regulations introduced following the crash of Viscount VH-TVC into Botany Bay on 30 November 1961 requiring the fitting of weather radar to all turbine powered aircraft. Another change is the removal of the DCA Flying Unit logos from the fin and forward fuselage following the merging of DCA into the Department of Transport in that November 1973.



Toward the end of its career, the Departmental name change to the Department of Transport, Air Transport Group saw new colours for VH-CAO. It's seen here at the Departmental Flying Unit's Essendon base in January 1976 in a not-unattractive dark blue and yellow colour scheme, with the revised 'Irish Compass' logo on fin and forward fuselage.

(Photos: 1 - Rod Adam/Geoff Goodall collection / 2&3 - CAHS/Ben Dannecker collection / 4 - Ken Watson / 5 - Roger McDonald)

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