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The need to regulate flying operations for the safety of all was one of the issues driving the establishment of the Department in 1921 and this is still an important role.

Over the years, the Department has also operated a large number of aircraft in its own right.


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Registration Markings


General History

In the early days officers of the Department made a number of pioneering flights - read Round Australia in 22 Days: 1924 Style

Read about post-war Flying Doctor services and the formal definition of Mercy Flights

Download a 1950s De Havilland Australia booklet Aircraft Manufacturing Activity in Australia

Link Trainer Instrument training c.1950s - the Link Trainer


Download a Movie Clip: A Position Report, 1950s-style

The Phonetic Alphabets - Old & New

Aeronautical Maps & Charts

Strip map of the Melbourne-Adelaide air route - 1939

ANFAC Melbourne-Sydney routes - 1955


  • VAR Approach plate - 1960
  • Aerodrome Chart - 1960
  • ILS Approach plate - 1968

Mangalore VAR Approach plate - 1967

Controlled airspace & radar coverage - 1967

Wynyard Landing Chart - 1968 & Aerodrome Chart - 2003

Ceduna Landing Chart - 1968

Port Lincoln Landing Chart - 1968

High Altitude Chart 2 - 1968

VAR depiction on the Radio Navigation Chart 1 (AUS-RNC 1) - 1979

Charleville Aerodrome Chart - 2003

Download a catalogue of part of the CAHS collection of Aeronautical Charts (.pdf file)

Flight Plans, NOTAMs & other operational documents

NOTAM Series B 6/1940 giving callsigns for Aeradio Stations

Flight Details, C.A. Form 160A, 1946

Flight Plan & route briefing pack for Ansett Electra VH-RMC, Melbourne-Sydney - 1966

Domestic Flight Plan Form (DA1641) for Douglas DC-3 VH-AES - 1990

Departmental Flying Unit

Read the History of the Departmental Flying Unit

Airways Survey in the DC-3 and F.27 era

DCA Flying Unit crews

See an aerial view of the DCA hangars & fleet at Essendon - 1973

Read about the Department's Flying Unit c. 1980

Read Keeping Us On The Straight And Narrow..., a 1990 article about the Flying Unit's work on navaid calibration.

Read about Flight Survey Operations in Vietnam - 1996


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