Isuzu 550 Generator Truck - 2007

Typical of the miscellaneous vehicles needed to keep the national airways system functioning is this Isuzu 550 light truck with a portable generating set mounted on the tray. The Airservices Australia logo can just be made out on the door of the vehicle.

During 2007 extensive construction work occurred at Melbourne/Essendon Airport, necessitating interruptions to the normal 240 V mains power supply. Although Essendon Tower has its own permanent generator back-up power supply, to ensure a level of redundancy whilst the mains power was not available Airservices Australia positioned this mobile generator at the base of the Tower. It was photographed there on 17 December whilst a large hole was being dug nearby.

The Tower's electrical system includes provision for the connection of such external supply.

(Photo: Maurice Austin)

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