Index to the Dr K.N.E. Bradfield Archive Collection

Dr K.N.E. 'Bill' Bradfield is a leading figure worldwide in the field of airport design. Click here to read a biography of Dr Bradfield.

The Civil Aviation Historical Society is proud to be the custodian of Dr Bradfield's personal papers. This page is an index to that important collection. You can use your browser's 'Find On This Page' function to search for keywords.

Dr Bradfield's papers are available to researchers at the Airways Museum by appointment.

Box 1

SPATC* Report on Development of Nadi Airport Sept.1957
SPATC Scheme for training of Radio Technicians for Fiji Dec.1965
Report of Intergovernmental Airport Commission May 1948
Airports and Airport Engineering Magazine April 1960
Notes of SPATC 9th Meeting July 1985
Report of 10th Meeting of SPATC Oct.1956
Report of 11th Meeting of SPATC Nov/Dec.1957
Report on Development of an Airport in the South-West Pacific for Transpacific Services May.1956
Report on 18th Meeting of SPATC Fiji Nov.1968
Report on 19th Meeting of SPATC Fiji Nov.1969
Report on 20th Meeting of SPATC Fiji 1973
Article on 50th Anniversary of Nadi International Airport Mar.1996
Note on Item 41 - Review of Landing Fees. SPATC Document No.22
Report on 22nd Meeting of SPATC Fiji Dec.1978
Extract of Report of 22 SPATC Document No.15 1979
Report on Civil Aviation Conference Wellington 1946
Notes on 12th Meeting of SPATC Melbourne 1958
Notes on 13th Meeting of SPATC Tongarino NZ Dec.1959
Notes on 14th Meeting of SPATC Melbourne Nov.1960
Notes on 15th Meeting of SPATC Kordolevu Fiji Oct/Nov 1961
Notes on 16th Meeting of SPATC Wairaki NZ Nov.1962
Notes on 17th Meeting of SPATC Fiji 1965
File of Correspondence with 'Airports & Airport Engineering' 1959/1960
Report on Development of Nadi Airport to cater for large Subsonic and Supersonic Aircraft Nadi April/May 1968
Correspondence on various Policy Aspects relating to Fiji 1965
SPATC Report on Apron and Taxiways, Extensions and Modifications to Terminal Building at Nadi Airport April.1966
Report of South Pacific Airport Group to 13th Meeting of SPATC Sept.1959
Report on Study of activities at Nadi Airport (2 copies) June.1964
Report of Inspection Tour of South Pacific Area by Regional Aviation Service Technical Committee 1964
Copy of 'File Title Register'
Photograph of South Pacific Airport Group Sept.1959
'Fiji Information' May.1961
Folder of Miscellaneous Correspondence
Index of E.C. Johnston Collection
Unidentified Photographs

*SPATC - South Pacific Air Transport Council

Box 2
Nadi Airport - noise
Aircraft movements 1957 onward
Basic Papers 1989 and others
Notes on noise discussions - Canberra 1986
Report on noise levels at Nadi Airport 1986
FAA (US) advisory circulars on noise levels 1977, 1980 and 1988
Aircraft movement - Nadi 1986
N.E.F. contours - Nadi 1987
Noise calculations - 1988

Box 3
Nadi Airport master plan
Report on meeting of Nadi International Airport master plan Dec. 1986
Report on Kansai (Japan) International Airport
Nadi area development committee meeting Oct. 1988
Meeting of Nadi area development committee Dec. 1988
Follow on action to above meetings
Noise - greenhouse effect
Copy of airport plans
Nadi Airport project - paper by Jone Koroitaman
Report on redevelopment of Nadi terminal building complex Aug. 1985
Copy of Fiji Times with greeting from the Queen Sept. 1969
Copy of CAAF newsletter Jan. - Mar. 1987

Box 4
Air Terminal Services (Fiji) Limited - Hangar Project Proposals 9/03/1987
Report on Hangar Project to ATS(Fiji) 25/05/1989
Correspondence and drawing relating to ATS Hangar 1989
ATS Maintenance hangars - Site Proposals 1987
Updating of ATS Hangar Project Study 1987
Miscellaneous papers of hangar project 1985/87
Miscellaneous papers / drawings of hangar project 1989
Miscellaneous papers - hangar project 1989
Report on Redevelopment of Nadi Terminal Building Complex Oct. 1985
Nadi Terminal Redevelopment Study - Initial Report June 1985
Nadi Terminal Redevelopment of Terminal Building Complex: Design Report and Estimates March 1986

Box 5
Nadi Area Development Committee. Reports of Meetings: May 1988, July 1988, October 1988, December 1988
Nadi Master Plan Review - Winds 1991
Traffic forecasts for Nadi Airport 1993
Master Plan Report - Presentation Type Copy 1993
Nadi Airport Master Plan Review: Incl. Traffic Forecasts 1991
Runway length requirements at Nadi 1986
Nadi Master Plan - Fire Service Records 1986
Nadi Daily Passenger Movements 1990/01

Box 6
Development of Airport Facilities to serve Suva, Fiji
South Pacific Air Transport Council - Area of Responsibility
Magazine - Island's Business Nov.1995
Magazine - The Review - Fiji Nov.1996
Nadi Airport Terminal Building June.1958
Magazine - 60 Years in Fiji with Shell 1928 - 1988
'Fiji Times' 4/9/1869 100 Years 1869 - 1969
Commonwealth Prime Minister's Meeting: Transport Communications in South Pacific Civil Aviation 11/1/1978
Back-Ground Notes on the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji for the Administration Course 31/7/1980
'Fiji Times'14/9/1996 & 'Fiji Daily Post'14/9/1996. 50th Anniversary of Commercial Aviation
Proposal for Services involved in Resurfacing of Nadi Main Runway Nov.1979
Newspaper Cuttings on 50th Anniversary since Aviation came to Fiji in 1946 24/3/1996
Extracts from ICAO Bulletins March 1986 to February 1987
Article on Development of ATC and use in Fiji Oct.1981
Article on Civil Aviation in Fiji and the South Pacific Mar.1982
A Historical Evaluation of Civil Aviation 1970/80
Fiji's Early Internal Air Services 1927-1933
Article on How Aviation came to Fiji 1982
Correspondence on Development of Regional Airfields in Fiji 1968
History of Air Pacific 1996
Article on Air Pacific 1992
Article on Paddy Doyle 1990
Australian Visit to Fiji 1954
Newspaper Cutting on 60 Years of Aviation in Fiji 1988
Meeting - UK, Australia, NZ, Fiji, & Western Pacific High Commission to Discuss Civil Aviation 1946
1991/92 Annual Report of Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji
Magazine - 50 Years of Civil Aviation in Fiji 1946-1996

Box 7
Nausori Airport. Study of Alternative Development Programmes 1973
Note from KNEB re Future Movement of Air Pacific to Nadi from Nausori ----
Nausori Airport Development Plan (Final) 3 copies June.1986
Fiji National Sector Plan. Final Report 1994/95
Labasa Aerodrome. Suitability of Runway for ATR 42 Aircraft (2 copies) July.1989
Management and Operation of Nausori and other Domestic Airports May.1989
Matei Aerodrome. Development of new Building Area Jan. 1991
Forecast of Traffic Growth 1990
Nausori Airport Master Plan, Air Pacific May.1994
Fiji Domestic Aerodromes Survey: Terms of Reference & Support Papers 1990
Savu Savu Airport. Summary of order of cost. Nov.1994
Matei - Feasibility Study & Layout Planning of Terminal Building Mar.1994
Domestic Airports. Dossier on Indicative costs calculations Nov.1994
Airport Photographs - Various
Fiji Domestic Airports Development (2 copies) Mar.1995
Domestic Airports, (Savu Savu, Bureta, Matei) Development Project to be Funded by the European Union Dec.1994
Fiji Domestic Aerodrome Maintenance Manual - Gutteridge, Haskins and Davey Sept.1981
Labasa Aerodrome. Various Papers 1989/91
Fiji Domestic Aerodrome Maintenance including Grass Surfaces 1994
Aerodrome Groundsmen - Training 1994
Aerodrome Maintenance 1991
Project Dossier - Korovou & Vunidawa Bridges Project. Seventh European Development Fund 1993
Report on Damage to Fences on Cicia Airport 1994
Newspaper Report on Rotuma Day Celebration 1993
Savu Savu & Matei Airports. Development Study 1991

Box 8
A History of Civil Aviation in Fiji Sept.1997
300k ? 3(Above) Blossoms of Hope Sept.1997
SPATC 20th Meeting. Transfer of Responsibility as Administering Authority from New Zealand to Fiji 1973
History of Civil Aviation in Fiji. - L.F.P. Taylor 1994/95
Fiji Civil Aviation Project. - M. Varley 1982 &1996
Keynote Address to ATCA Annual Conference 1996
History of Civil Aviation in Fiji - Copies of Final & Superseded Text 1997
History of Civil Aviation in Fiji - Drafts and Final Document. - M. McGreal Aug.1997

Box 9
Mission Report, Survey of Development Assistance Needs in Civil Aviation, South Pacific Sub-Region 12/1986
Development Project SPRCA [2 copies] 12/1987
Technical Annexe - SPRCA Development Project 2/1988
UNDP/ICAO Project RAS/83/007 Papua New Guinea 8/1985
Second Meeting of Standing Committee of Civil Aviation Officials Suva 11/1987
Regional Project SRP Document 9/1987
9th Symposium of NZ Division of RAS: Air Transport in Pacific Basin to 2010 2,3/1991
South Pacific Civil Aviation Development Programme 1986
"Aircraft" (Australia) Magazine 4/1982
Solomon Islands brochure 1994/5
Miscellaneous reports on S.P.C.A. Development Programme 1988
Report on Survey of Development Assistance Needs in C.A. of S.P. Sub-Region 1986
Tourism in S.P. Islands - Situation and Prospects 6/1971

Box 10
Papers and work carried out on Savusavu Airport 6/1992
Data on Aircraft, Movement of Aircraft and Passengers, Savusavu 8/1989
Matei Airport - Feasibility Study, New Terminal Area 12/1993
Drawings Matei Airport work 12/1993
Matei Airport Feasibility Study & Layout Planning of new terminal area 11/1993
Nausori (Suva) Airport - Redevelopment of Terminal Building Complex 5/1986
Report on Development of Airport Facilities to Serve Suva (Fiji) including miscellaneous papers and newspaper cuttings 5/1961
Nausori Airport, Today and Tomorrow by Air Pacific 7/1985

Box 11
Airspace Management Plan Fiji and Nadi: Phase 1 1993
Airspace Management Plan Fiji and Nadi: Phase 2 1994
Airspace Management Plan 1994
Air Traffic Services and Buildings Nadi Fiji: Registration of Interest by Wes Willoughby 10/1994
Various papers on Nadi F.I.R. Airspace Management Plan 1993
Fiji International Airspace Management Plan : Various Papers 1993

Box 12
Tonga - General Papers
Fua'amotu Airport, Tonga. Airport Development Study 8/1987
Aid Tonga: Fua'amotu Airport. Airport Design Study 5/1987
Honiara Airport Development Study Vol. 1 9/1981
Honiara Airport Development Study Vol. 2 9/1981
Honiara Airport Development Study Vol. 3 9/1981
Guadalcanal - Draft Structure Plan 3/1997
Honiara Airport, Solomon Islands, Development Study 1/1981
Honiara Airport - Final Report Summary 9/1981
Honiara Town Plan. Tech. Report No.1: Airport 8/1979

Box 13
Notes on Report of Inter-Departmental Airport Commission (Fiji) 5/1948
Civil Aviation History: Fiji - General Notes 2/1997
History of civil aviation in Fiji - Drafts prepared by K.N.E.B. 1997
Early notes on Fiji's internal air service 1963
Proposals for Nadi Airport Terminal and Building Upgrade by Singapore CAA 7/1993
Proposals for Runway Extensions at Nadi Airport by Singapore 11/1994
Future ATC and Navigation Systems for Fiji CAA 6/1991
Contract for Production of Book on History of Civil Aviation in Fiji 3/1996
Proposal for Feasibility Study of Nadi Airport 1/1991
Draft of Proposed History of Civil Aviation in Fiji 1996

Box 14
Fiji National Transport Sector Plan [2 copies] 6/1993
Air Transport Industry - Structure. Reports and Appendices
Fiji National Transport Sector Plan "Beca" 11/1993
24th Annual Meeting of DGCA's Asia & Pacific: Privatisation 10/1988
Report of Organization Study of Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji 3/1990
Papua New Guinea - Director of Civil Aviation - Job Specification
B.E.S.O. Report - Correspondence 1995
CAAF (Fiji) Organisation Structure: Memos etc to C.E. 1992
U.N. Development Programme 1989
Canberra Visit by K.N.E.B. 1991
Memos to C.E. (Fiji) 1992
Public Enterprise Reform Plan 1993
Administration Organisation Charts 1992
ICAO Study - CAAF (Fiji) 1988
CAAF (Fiji) Telephone Directory 1991
Report on Air Safety Within Fiji 1988
History of Civil Aviation in Fiji Misc.

Box 15
Miscellaneous Technical Data
8th Oceanic Airspace Conference 10/1993
Miscellaneous Meteorology 1985 &1989
Miscellaneous Historical (Fiji)
W.F. Christoffersen - Correspondence 1990
NLTB (Fiji) Tourism Policy 1980
Miscellaneous Traffic Information 1993
Nadi Airport - Land Acquisition 1991
Nadi International Airport Layout 1983
Nadi International Airport - Role in Pacific Civil Aviation [2 copies] 1993
The Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji 1991
Aviation Brief for Deputy P.M. and Minister for Civil Aviation 1992
Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji: 5-Year Plan 1990-1994
Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji: Estimates of Revenue & Expenditure 1992
Legal Terms - Fiji 1976 &1979
Nadi Airport - ATS Hangar 1987
Denarau Island - Effect of Flight Patterns from Nadi Airport 1988
Denarau Island - Road 1988
Fiji Islands Map 1981
Fiji Tourism Convention 1991
Future Air Traffic Control & Navigation Systems - Paris 1991
RAS of NZ Symposium 'Nadi International Airport, its Role in Pacific Civil Aviation'. 1993
Miscellaneous general information
Miscellaneous financial
Miscellaneous aircraft information
Miscellaneous operations information
Miscellaneous administration information
RAS (NZ) 11th Annual Symposium 1993

Box 16
Old Aerodrome History: Winton, Fisherman's Bend 1921
Airport Works - Rockhampton, Mackay, Adelaide 1967
IATA Brochure on Airport Development 1968
History of the Singapore Airport 1939
American Society of Civil Engineers 'Air Transport Division' - Airport and City Planning 1956
Aviation Australia - National Airport Authority 1993
'Sea Land and Air', Flight England to Australia 12/1919
Magazine 'Engineers Australia' 1985
Story of 'Schipol Airport' Memphis 1951
'Sea Land and Air' 1919
Lloyd's Aerial Survey Party 1919
'The Coffs Harbour Story' brochure 1976
Old Aerodromes Decommissioned 1950
Aerodrome Licence, 'Fisherman's Bend, Port Melbourne 1921
Cairns Airport - Development Works 1964
'New' Brisbane Airport 1988
'Aerial Services Limited' 1919
Aerodrome (Airport) Development - Newcastle, Quirindi, Kempsey, Narromine, Dubbo - various dates
Civil Aerodrome - Launceston 1963
Development of Aerodromes in the Sydney area 1965

Box 17
Development of Zambia Airports 1982
Report on 'Feasibility Study on Regional Co-operation in Civil Aviation' (Southern Africa) 1983
Air Navigation Plan - Africa - India Ocean Area 1980
Visits to SADCC States 1982
Brochures on Ethiopian Airlines, Zambia, Swaziland
Flying Doctors information provided to Norway 1984
Brochures from Ethiopian Airlines, Rhodesia, and Lesotho, Zambia Flying Doctor Service
Maps of Botswana and Rhodesia and East Africa 1976/1988
Visits to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Angola, Malawi, Botswana 1982
Scan. Technical Proposals 1987
Newspaper articles on 'Back Tax' 1989
Newspaper article on Sydney Harbour Bridge 1988
Newspaper article on uranium demand 1988
Paper on 'world nuclear power & the prospects of Australia's Uranium'. 1988
Uranium miners lobby for growth 1988
Paper on 'Australia's uranium industry': Where does it go from here? 1987
Folder: Northern Territory Development - Air Transportation of Beef and Livestock (I. Grabowski) 1944
Operational Research into Air Traffic Problems (U.K. Institute Of Navigation) 1948
Some aspects of Australian civil aviation
Paper on 'The Impact of Speed, Some Social Consequences of the Aeroplane'. 1951

Box 18
British Guiana Airport Development 1950s on
British Guiana - Georgetown Airport [2 files] 1960s
British Honduras - Stanley Field Airport Belize 1960
British Honduras - Development of Atkinson and Georgetown 1950s
British Guiana - Civil Aviation Commission 1958 on
Portuguese Timor - Provision of Australian Air Service [2 copies] 1941
International Aeradio Installations at Bahrain, Beirut and Malta 1968
Report on Establishment of Military Flying Boat Base at Noumea 1940

Box 19
Summary of Mineral Industry 1977
Paper on New System for Urban Transportation 1970
Paper on 'An Educator's Evaluation of Tourism' (Dr Helen Kim) 1965
Paper on 'Delays in Landing of Air Traffic' (T.Pearcey) 1948
Personal Memoirs of a Life in Aviation (J.L. Watkins) 1986
Papers on Specific Aspects of Transportation Systems
Road Engineering and its Development in Australia 1938
Flexible Pavements for Roads 1963
Moving People (Urban Public Passenger Transport) 1963
The Engineering Profession - 'Is Modesty a Virtue'. 1991
ERA Folder: Contents:
Newspaper articles on 'Back Tax' 1989
Newspaper article on Sydney Harbour Bridge 1988
Newspaper article on Uranium Demand 1988
Paper on 'World Nuclear Power and the prospects of Australia's Uranium 1988
Uranium Miners Lobby for Growth 1988
Paper on Australia's Uranium Industry: 'Where does it go from here?' 1987
Paper on 'Australian Uranium Supply and Prospects' 1987
Folder: Northern Territory Development - Air Transportation of Beef and Livestock (I. Grabowski) 1944
Operational Research into Air Traffic Problem (UK Institute of Navigation) 1948
Some Aspects of Australian Civil Aviation
Paper on 'The Impact of Speed, Some Social Consequences of the Aeroplane' 1951
The Challenge of Change in Air Transportation (J.E. Steiner) 1966
Trends in Air Transport Development in the 1970s 1970
Civil Aviation Administration in Australia Today ('Aircraft') 1982
Logic of the Air (Fortune magazine) 1943
ICAO Paper on 'Standardized Practice in International Flying' 1947
ICAO Paper on 'The Role of the Engineer in International Aviation' 1949
Address by D.G. Anderson on 'Australian Civil Aviation Survey Of Policy and Development' 1957

Box 20
Feasibility Study on Regional Co-operation in Civil Aviation in Southern Africa 1983
Meeting of Directors of Civil Aviation and Operators in Southern Africa to Promote Implementation of National, Interstate and Regional Policies 1982
Agreement Reached Between DCA's of Principal States of Southern Africa 1982
Report on Feasibility Study of Regional Co-operation in Flight Testing of Nav. Aids in Southern Africa 1982
Report on Operational Evaluation of Flight Calibration Services of South African States 1982
Papers relating to Australian Development Assistance Bureau work with Southern Africa States 1980s
Southern Africa Civil Aviation Study Report 1981
Tanzanian Navigational Aids Calibration Unit
Miscellaneous Correspondence with SADCC States 1983
ADAB Report of the SATCC Land Transport System & State of Planning 1982
Report on the Field of Transport & Communication of South Africa States 1983

Box 21
Report 'The Organisation and Operations of the Federal Airports Corporation and the Civil Aviation Authority' 1988
Operational Forecasting Study for FAC by British Airports Services Limited 1989
Department of Aviation National Airports Authority Task Force. 1985
FAC Training Course - 'Aerodrome Technical Inspector' 1992
FAC Legal Papers Various
FAC Annual Report 1990-1991
FAC Newsletters 1991
FAC Annual Report 1992

Box 22
Photographs of Airports including Brisbane & Kingsford Smith Airport Into Botany Bay 1984
History of Technology in Australian Airports including drafts 1985
Paper on "The Engineer in the history of Australian Civil Aviation" -1985 KNE Bradfield
History of Technology in Australian engineering & construction 1985
Bibliography of Technical Paper relating to design & construction of Australian Aerodromes 1956
Support papers & correspondence on history of technology in Australia 1985/6
Correspondence in support of above "history"
Correspondence with John Holland & KNE Bradfield 1988
Early DCA personnel and history - various dates
Engineering construction & building - John Holland 1988

Box 23
Nadi Airport - KNE Bradfield 1959
Some effects of geography on development in Australia 1951
Airport environmental situation in Australia 1970
Miscellaneous talks & broadcasts by KNE Bradfield - various dates
Town & country planning course - "Communications - Aerodromes" 1945
Airport landing fields (lecture) 1940
Airport development in Australia & airfield parameters 1966 and 1968
Airport design & development in Australia 1957
Australian airports - notes on development & design 1939
Airport design in relation to aircraft design 1950's

Box 24
Reports and papers on airport design 1953
Captain E. C. Johnston history and lecture notes 1926 onward
Notes on development of southern Africa airports 1983
Paper on development of aerodromes in the Sydney area 1965
Australian aerodromes and airports, early history 1988
Notes for lecture on "Influence of airport engineering on airport buildings" and "Airport buildings and terminals" 1960
ICAO Bulletin 1970
Paper on "The ground side of Australian Civil Aviation" KNE Bradfield (2 copies) 1981
Paper on "Ground handling of jet aircraft" (3 copies) 1957
Paper on "Airport development in Australia" (2 copies) 1988
Civil Aviation standards - Achievement of high standards 1982

Box 25
Folder of Melbourne Airport (Tulla) Terminal and other buildings 1965 as presented to Parliamentary Standing Committee
Drawing of Tullamarine Airport development plan 1963/64
Photograph of staff examining the site of Tulla N/S runway
Folder of initial proposals, reports, meetings of Melbourne panel, Various
Correspondence with local councils etc.
Paper on the development of new Melbourne Airport 1954
Paper on design and development of Essendon Airport 1920 onward
Book on space vision, Melbourne Airport 1970
Folder of notes, minutes of meetings of Melbourne Airport panel 1958 onward
Folder of cost estimates for various areas of Melbourne airport Various

Box 26
Brochure on opening of Melbourne airport 1/7/1970
Reports - airfield pavements, additional pavement etc., buildings and services at Melbourne Airport 1962/65
Minutes of evidence re construction of airfield pavements and additional aprons, vehicular pavements at Melbourne airport 1963/65
Miscellaneous photographs, diagrams and drawings of construction of Essendon Airportonward 1921
Evidence re development of freight aprons, taxiways at Melbourne Airport 1970
Paper on Sydney Airport - in retrospect and what it might have been (KNE Bradfield) 1995
Airport design and development in Australia 1957
Aviation News - article on Melbourne Airport 1970
Newspaper cutting from Sunday Australian with article on Sydney and Melbourne air terminals 1971
Copies of correspondence re Tullamarine Airport 1966/68
Brochure on development of Tullamarine Airport 1967
Notes on development of Tullamarine Airport and some comparisons with certain aspects of airports around the world 1966
Newspaper cutting from Melbourne Age re Tullamarine Opening Day 1970
Copy of "DCA News" with article on Tulla opening 1970
Report of committee of inquiry on new Melbourne Airport 1962
Report on development of freight aprons, taxiways, runways extensions at Melbourne Airport 1970
Statement on Customs House and airport incinerator at Melbourne Airport and minutes of evidence 1969
Revision of cost estimates of building works at Melbourne Airport and second revision 1965/66
Newspaper cuttings re Melbourne Airport feature 1965 and 1970

Box 27
Brief on major airport requirements - Sydney 1968
Report on International terminal building for Sydney (KSA) Airport 1964
Preliminary report of KSA Airport and Botany Bay development Committee 1965 onward
Brochure on Sydney Airport international terminal
Miscellaneous reports, correspondence etc. on development of international Airport - Sydney 1962/63
Papers on comparison of facilities to be built at Sydney and Melbourne N.K.
Paper on road access at Sydney Airport 1962
Paper on walking distances between surface transport and the aircraft at Sydney N.K.
Early papers on cost of building area development at Sydney Airport 1964
Sydney Airport development - miscellaneous papers 1964
Report on long range forecast of air traffic at Sydney Airport 1957
Meeting on noise at Sydney - DCA/QANTAS 1958
Minute & drawing relating to extension of N/S runway at Sydney into Botany Bay 1962
ress release on N/S runway extension at Sydney 1968
Sydney Airport status notes NK
Correspondence re approval of N/S runway extension into Botany Bay 1964
Comparisons of Sydney Airport terminal locations and taxiing costs NK
Newspaper article on rivalry between Sydney & Melbourne airports 1967
Miscellaneous correspondence on Sydney Airport development 1965/67
Newspaper feature on Sydney air terminal 1970
QANTAS proposals for Sydney terminal area site NK
Photographs of testing of subgrade NK
Correspondence re increased costs of work at Sydney (KSA) Airport and aerial photo of proposed N/S runway extensions 1966
rawing of runway & taxiway construction 1966
Minutes of evidence relating to provision of buildings & services for Sydney international terminal 1966
inutes of evidence relating to site preparation for future domestic terminals at Sydney 1967/68
eport on Sydney Airport building area development 1968
Papers on Sydney Airport international terminal buildings 1967
Report on cost estimates of N/S runway extension to 13,000 ft. NK 1964
Reports: site preparations for new building area, operations & control tower buildings, buildings and services for international terminal complex 1965
Minutes of evidence relating to site preparation for new building area 1965
Dredging of Botany Bay for runway extension NK
"Airside" magazine 1963
DCA News - opening of Sydney international terminal by H.M. The Queen 1970

Box 28
Text for CAAF (FIJI) Calendar 1996
Agreement between CAAF (FIJI) and Public Service Association 1983
Brochure on NADI international airport 1991
Agreement between CAAF (FIJI) and KNE Bradfield - copy of biodata 1991
iscellaneous papers FIJI 1995
Miscellaneous papers FIJI 1993/4
Miscellaneous information (very general) Various
Magazine article "Crowded Skies" 1993
Brochure on Air Terminal Services FIJI 1981
CAAF (FIJI) Annual Report 1994/95
International flight movements (FIJI) 1993-4-6
"On Track" magazine CAAF (FIJI) - news letter #12 & #13 1985 1994/95
"GHD" papers to KNE Bradfield 1995
Memoranda (FIJI) from KNE Bradfield Various
Magazine extracts (Various) 1993
Correspondence to KNE Bradfield from DOT (Australia) re aerodrome ownership & subsidies 1992
Brochure on Sunflower Airlines (FIJI) NK
FIJI Islands business magazine 1996
Report on pavement evaluation at NADI 1986
Paper on "FIJI, the hub of the south Pacific and what it means" by N.H.Y. Yee 1991
pdate of Fiji's GPS activities by N.H.Y. Yee 1993
Keynote address - implementation of CNS/ATM systems in Asia/Pacific regions 1996
IJI & NADI F.I.R. airspace management plan 1993

Box 29
News release re second Sydney Airport site at Badgerys Creek 1986
Second Sydney Airport site selection programme 1985
Kurnell Peninsula weight limitations plans- drawing (HD-2333) 1968
"Mans" Major Airport Needs of Sydney Information Bulletins -
No's 1,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15,16,17,18,20&21.
Abstract report, members recommendations 1978/79
Mans - explanatory booklet
Mans study KSA options noise analysis 1976
Miscellaneous notes on Sydney Airport 1981
Paper on review of "Mans" study - B. Mills 1982
Papers on various aspects of Sydney Airport N.K.
Papers on Evaluation Process of Mans Committee 1978

Box 30
Souvenir of Sir Ross Smith flight from England to Australia in Vickers 1919Vimy aircraft
Copy of journal of institution of engineers Australia 1938
Copy of extract on Air Transport covering Flying Boat from "Aeroplane" 1936
Aviation in New Guinea from "Aeroplane" 1936
Copy of "Aviation Australia" 1984
DCA Information Document - Laurence Hargrave NK
Paper on future development of light aircraft in Australia 1945
Copy of "Aeroplane" - guidelines for airplanes 1967
Paper "in wake of Southern Cross" 1960
Draft of paper on Bert Hinkler NK
"Years that have flown" - R. Hoddinott NK
The history of a great enterprise" - R. Brenard 1921
Extract from "Aviation Institute Journal - A West Australian first 1985
Newspaper cutting on flight of 504K in 1919 by Nigel Love & NK
Passenger Bill Marshall
Paper "Air Traffic Control in Australia" 1958
List of significant aircraft that contributed to first 40 years of domestic Aviation in Australia NK
opies of historical papers and cuttings
Booklet "Air Transport Air Beef" ANA 1950

Box 31
Folder of paper and reports on airport development and maintenance in Australia 1955-60
Folder of papers including cabinet submissions on major works necessary on Australian airports 1965
Airport - Ansett/BAe Training College 1989

Box 32
Paper on history of Department of Civil Aviation (Provided by W.A. Region) 1960
second paper by J.E. Schofield 1984
Folder of papers on background to Technical Officer & Airport Inspector: list of Aerodromes and facilities including file reference 1975/76
Miscellaneous paper, minutes etc. Various
Report on Civil Aviation in Australia and Papua New Guinea 1952/5
Early history of Melbourne Airport - Tullamarine - Jack Huggett 1997
Copy of "Aviation Retrospect" - Civil Aviation Branch to Dept. of Aviation 1985
Correspondence on proposed development of various airports around Australia
Changes to Central Office staffing 1946/47
Early papers on airport development 1940/42
Papers, minutes etc. dealing with "disagreement" on Cloncurry Airport work 1941
Papers on staff re-arrangements in ground facilities and works and housing 1947
Development of an international airport at Sydney 1945
Papers on Kingsford Smith development 1944/45
Proposed re-organization of Directorate of Airports 1945
Civil Aviation Board - notes on selection & preparation of landing Grounds 1937/38
ustralia & Australians in Civil Aviation 1823-1920
Papers on Air Transport facilities at Darwin 1940
Papers on early history of Cairns Aerodrome 1974
K.N.E. Bradfield history 1937/72

Box 33
Study of Air Transport Policy for the Northern Territory 1979
Report of Aerodromes and Navigational Aids in the Northern Territory to accommodate Metroliner Aircraft 1980
Reports on the Establishment of Northern Airlines 1980
Papers on the Development of Flying Training College at Tamworth 1991
Papers on Establishment of Ansett/BAe Flying Training College at Tamworth 1989
Ansett/BAe & NSW State Development Papers on Tamworth Project 1989
Tamworth support papers Various
Quirindi - General
Tamworth Training College - Calculations and Estimates NK

Box 34
Handbook of Noise Measurement 1956
Aircraft Noise around Sydney Airport 1957
Noise and Hearing Conservation in RAAF 1959
Aircraft Take-Off and Landing Noise Annoyance Criteria 1964
Sydney (K-S) Airport EPNdB Noise Contours (DWG) 1968
Australia Standard 2021-1985. Acoustics -Aircraft Noise - Intrusion - Building Siting and Construction 1985
Report on Acceptable Nominal Sonic Boom (bl 109) 2 copies 1968
Report on Noise in the operation of mechanically propelled vehicles 1937
Noise Bibliography (UK) 1964
Hovercraft Noise and it's Suppression (UK) 1965
Atmospheric Magnification of Sonic Booms in Oklahoma Tests 1967
Acceptable Nominal Sonic Boom (bl 110) 1968
Report on Sonic Boom 'Scientific American' 1962
Papers on Supersonic Transport Various
Papers on the Introduction of Jets into Domestic Service
Various Papers and Correspondence on Airport Noise 1968
Sydney Noise Evaluation NK
Report on Communications and Air Traffic Control Engineering Branch 1965
Various Papers, Reports, Magazine Extracts on Problems Associated with Aircraft Noise Var.

Box 35
Papua New Guinea Civil Aviation Regulations, preliminary 1973
As Above 1975
As Above 'The Schedule' Agreement between Australia and Papua New Guinea 1973
Personal Papers and Documents relating to Australia and PNG Various
Copy of Amendment No.21 to PNG Civil Aviation Regulations 1979
Recommendations of Proposals for modification of structure of Division of Civil Aviation of PNG and associated charts 1980
K.N.E. Bradfield terms of extension of appointment as Adviser to PNG 1986
Specification for Person holding position of PNG Director of Civil Aviation NK
Copies of correspondence between ICAO and PNG Civil Aviation NK
Extracts from report by G.E. Lundquist on Aerodrome master planning, & application for PNG ICAO Standard Training College 1977-78
Copies of correspondence, reports on organisation structure of Department of Civil Aviation in PNG 1976-85
Miscellaneous papers, charts etc. relating to transfer of functions from Civil Aviation Agency to the Civil Aviation Division of PNG 1976-80
Administrative arrangements for Civil Aviation in Papua New Guinea 1973
Paper on proposals to set up Aviation Academy in Papua New Guinea 1973
Papers relating to assistance from Australia to Papua New Guinea in conduct of Civil Aviation activities after 1/12/1973 1972-73

Box 36
Aviation Retrospect - from Civil Aviation Branch to Department of Civil Aviation 1985
Paper on 'The Ground side of Australian Civil Aviation' 1981
Cost analysis of introduction of Boeing 747 and Supersonics into Australia 1967
Papers on local ownership of Aerodromes: Miscellaneous papers of various dates 1958

Box 37
Magazine 'Impact' Civil Aviation 1981
Dan Moore - Australian Aviation Consultant 1982
Dept. of Aviation - Submission on Sport Aviation NK
Rolls-Royce - 10 Years of Turbine Power 1963
Two Years in the Aviation Hall of Doom - Dick Smith 1984
Australian Air Distances 1982
Policy Statement - Aviation (Aust. Government) NK
The Transport Portfolio 1977
Folder of K.N.E. Bradfield - Basic Information Various
Papers on Airport Runway Information Various
Magazine Article on Changi Airport 1979
Folder of general information K.N.E Bradfield Various
Magazine - Lockheed Horizons (4) 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

Box 38
Report of Inter-Departmental Committee on major Civil Aerodrome Works 1960
Report of Major Civil Aerodrome Works 1959
Report of Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport 1965
Report of Sydney Airport: Development for Boeing 747 1967
Jet Re-Equipment of Domestic Airlines 1967
Development of Australian Airports 1975
Domestic Airline Bases Melbourne (Tullamarine ) Airport 1969-70
Jet Aircraft requirement of Civil Airlines 1957
Works budgetary Prospects 1965-66
Economic Implications of an expanding Air Transport Industry 1958
Proposals by Qantas to purchase B.747 1966
Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Civil Aviation Works 1965
Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) 1962
Transfer of major Domestic Airlines to Tullamarine Airport (further report) 1968
Telex William McMahon to Minister re urgent works 1969
Melbourne (Tullamarine) Airport. Requirements for B,747 operation and other matters 1969
Airport developments at Sydney and Tullamarine 1963
Airport development for Jet Aircraft 1959
Sydney Airport - Extension of North-South runway to 13,000ft 1964
Establishment of a Jet Airport at Melbourne 1959
Report on major civil aerodrome works 1961
Major civil aerodrome works 1960
Commentary on airport developments at Sydney & Tullamarine (Submission No.895) 1963
Report on civil aviation works 1965
Aerodrome requirements of Jet Aircraft for Domestic Airlines 1961
Technical development and it's effect on air transportation 1938

Box 39
Folder of archival material, letters, handwritten notes etc. 1921 ->
Folder of newspaper cuttings and correspondence on early Aviation activities 1918 ->
'Aviation Australia' Lawrence Hargrave Article 1984
Pamphlet on Licensing and Classification of Civil Aerodromes 1937
Folder of historical information on early air services etc. 1922
'Transport Australia' Magazine 1978
Folder of information on development of Mascot Airport 1948
Miscellaneous papers on international airport at Sydney, including drawings Various
Reports on extension of N/S runway and changes to instrument landing system at Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport 1965/68
Notes on Dept. of Works management seminar 1958
Booklet on the history of Sydney Airport, 'From Bullocks to Boeings' early history of Sydney Airport, Dept of Aviation article on Sydney (K/S) and descriptive paper on the Airport 1986
Report on the proposed development of the civil aerodrome at Mascot N.S.W. together with a Terminal Building 1930-38
Various papers on the history of Sydney Airport 1937
Proposal for an airport at Narrabeen 1938
Report on proposed organisation and staff establishment for design, development maintenance and operation of airports 1953
Pamphlet on new Brisbane Airport 1990

Box ?
Papers on airports by miscellaneous authors 1952/59
Photo of presentation of "Bradfield Award" to Rene Bukart - Copies of information and entry form 1988
Australian Institute of Navigation - "Navigation" 1966
Papers and articles on airport development 1968
Paper on Great Barrier Reef (KNE Bradfield) 1952
Paper on airport pavements 1961
"Aircraft" Magazine 1946
Society of Professional Engineers of PNG 1975
Notes on presentation of first Bradfield Award 1988

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