Launceston Area Control Centre - 1968
Semi-Automatic Level Assignment Boardnavigation computer/circular slide ruleintercom and radio selectorsLT Sec 1 procedural boardmap displaymap displayloudspeakerTAFORs-Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts

The afternoon of February 26, 1968 was evidently a quiet one in the Launceston, Tasmania, ACC. This ACC was co-located with the Launceston FSU at the base of the Control Tower. This ACC was later replaced in about 1970 by a new combined ACC/FSC and Briefing Office located on the upper floor of the airport terminal building.

This photo shows the LT Sec 1 console with, on the left, the procedural board and on the right the Semi-automatic Level Assignment Board (SLAB). This sector was responsible for traffic in southern Bass Strait and the northern part of Tasmania. The SLAB was used to process arrivals into Launy Tower. Just in shot at the far right is the LT Sec 2 console which was responsible for traffic in the southern part of Tasmania, including Hobart arrivals.

Significantly, because the ACC and Hobart Tower were not co-located there was no SLAB for Hobart traffic.

The new Launceston ACC closed in November 1989 and its functions were transferred to the Melbourne AACC.

(Photo: CAHS collection)

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