Launceston Aeradio Station - 1939

antenna for 33 Mc Radio Range - click here for moreHF receiver mastHF receiver mast with obstruction lights

In 1939 a permanent Aeradio Station was constructed at Launceston/Western Junction aerodrome as part of a programme to build Aeradio Stations along the main air routes. This Station followed the standard pattern supplied by AWA under contract to the CAB and replaced an earlier, temporary Station.

The upper photo is taken from 'airside' and at right is the tower for the antenna of a 33 Mc 'Lorenz' Radio Range beacon. These beacons were also just being introduced and complemented the MF Direction Finding equipment installed at the Aeradio Station.

The lower photo shows the rear of the station looking back toward the hangars. The tower on the hangar behind the Aeradio building is a neon light beacon for identifying the aerodrome at night. The tall mast is one of the suports for the HF receiver aerials, the transmitters being located remotely. The hangar on the right has painted on its roof "W JTN" - pilotage was still an important method of navigation.


neon aerodrome light beaconHF receiver antenna mast

(Photos: CAHS/Ivan Hodder collection)

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