33Mc 'Lorenz' Radio Range - Aircraft Installation

This photo above shows the Control Unit for the 33 Mc 'Lorenz' Radio Range receiver, in this case installed in a Douglas DC-2 c.1938. The receivers were designed and built in Australia by Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Ltd.


The picture above shows the aircraft installation of the aerial for the Lorenz beacons, as well as the dipole aerial for the associated Airways Marker Beacon and the fairlead for the trailing aerial of the aircraft's own transceiver. The Marker Beacon transmitted a narrow vertical signal which enabled the aircraft to fix its position along track when overflying the beacon. They were installed at aerodromes and at strategic positions along the major air routes.

The aircraft is Australian National Airlines' Douglas DC-2 VH-UYB Pengana, one of the first three airline aircraft to be fitted with prototype Lorenz receivers in 1938.

The photos come from the booklet Australian Wireless Achievements, published by AWA c.1939.

(Photos: AWA/CAHS collection)

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