Moorabbin Briefing Office - c.1970s

Typical of Briefing Offices (BO) to be found at General Aviation Air Ports (GAAPs) in all capital cities (except Darwin), this photo shows the BO at Melbourne/Moorabbin some time in the 1970s. A staff of Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Service Officers provided face-to-face briefing services. Face-to-face briefing was also available at the main capital city airports and all outstation units.

Face-to-face briefing was withdrawn in the early 1990s and replaced with a telephone briefing service, supplemented by automated services DECTALK (an aural system) and AVFAX (a text-based system). Since about 2000 an internet briefing service has also been available. All briefing services are currently provided from Brisbane.

(Photo: CAHS collection)

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