Construction of the Second Melbourne Tower - 2011 (1)

In October 2010 work began on laying the foundations for a new Control Tower at Melbourne/Tullamarine Airport. The photos on this page show the construction of the Tower throughout the following year of 2011.

The photo above shows the two Towers on 13 March. The internal lift-shaft is already higher than the existing Control Tower. The outer shaft has been built to its limit and is ready for the addition of sloping panels that contain the Tower equipment and support the cab structure, as seen below on 31 July.


The photo above shows the support structure for the cab roof being added on 5 September. As can be seen, the steel structure is supported from a single, central column. The photo below, taken on 18 November, shows further work in progress on the cab structure. Work has also continued on fitting out the equipment levels beneath the cab.

This angle also gives a good impression of show much larger the new Tower is compared with the old one.



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(Photos: Phil Vabre)


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